The Half-Life movie has a sequel

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You might recall 2 years back, that some fans made a short Half-Life 2 fan film with a ridiculously low budget – that was nothing short of amazing. The entire project was to cost a mere $500, which in terms of videomaking is roughly nothing. That $500 was meant to cover two episodes, but we’ve seen just the one.

Two years on, and you can finally watch the second episode. I have no idea how they managed this on such a shoestring budget, presuming only that magic was somehow involved. The longer running time (15 minutes instead of the first episodes 5) does allow for cracks to come through, but it’s still an worth watching. Hit the jump, and watch Escape from City 17 part 2.

I wouldn’t be holding my breath for Episode 3 any time soon though.

Last Updated: August 25, 2011

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