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The Halo 4 console looks much better now

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Halo is pretty much the flagship franchise of the Xbox 360 console. It helped propel the original black box towards greatness, and with every new release of some Covenant-murderin’ action, there’s usually a special edition Xbox console to go along with it. The current Halo 4 console, looks pretty meh, to be honest. That is, until a decent photographer took some pics of it, making it look as sexy as a UNSC AI avatar.


Head on over to the official Halo 4 site, and you can see some more professional shots of the console, as it struts down the catwalk. Heck, until now, I didn’t even realise that the casing was semi-transparent, thanks to the shoddy press shots.

Halo 4 is out November 6 on Xbox 360 (Duh), with a special edition that is as awesome as Sergeant Johnson’s facial hair.

Last Updated: July 26, 2012

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