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The Hidden Messages on Your BioShock 2 Posters

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Were you – like Brett Miller, lucky winner of our competition – fortunate enough to have obtained one of the special collector’s editions of BioShock 2? Did you know that the posters you got in that set contain hidden messages?

Neither did the rest of the world, until somebody held a blacklight to them. Creepy – and brilliant!

For those of you without the CE or a blacklight, pictures are included after the jump.

2K Forum user JRoch discovered that every one of the 3 posters included in the special collector’s edition have secret messages scrawled on them in UV ink, ones reminiscent of the ones you’ll find in the game itself.

This is quite honestly brilliant, made all the more perfect by 2K Elizabeth’s (A 2K community manager) response : “Well, would you look at that.”

Kudos, 2K. you’ve raised the bar and once again made special collector’s editions something that they haven’t been for a long time : special.




Source : Kotaku.

Last Updated: February 24, 2010

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