The International Compendium stretches for $10 million

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Hulk stretch

Dota 2 players have spent a lot of money on the Compendium for The International 4. It’s not just about buying that Compendium, it’s about upgrading it, too. Now, Valve has added a whole new bunch of stretch goals. Are you ready to reach?

I told you this Compendium was selling like hot cakes. It was only a matter of time until it smashed through the $6 million stretch goal. But fear not, Valve has added a whole bunch of new ones, now grabbing for $10 million. That’s quite a prize pool for those top players. Of course, people don’t just buy the Compendium as a way to throw money at the winners – it also makes their own gameplay more enjoyable. So, what are the new rewards to reach for?

  • Daily Hero Challenge
  • Alternate Voice
  • Favorite Hero Challenge
  • Model Update Vote
  • Multi-Kill Banner
  • Afterparty Broadcast
  • New Upgraded Creeps
  • A->Z Challenge Support
  • Victory Prediction Taunt

You know what my victory prediction is? That this won’t be the end of stretch goals for this Compendium. The tournament is still a ways away – China and Europe haven’t even completed their qualifiers yet. Will LGD Gaming and TongFu return to the International? Could we see Mousesports pulling through again? Or will there be a whole new cast of characters? While people are thinking and worrying about that, they will carry on throwing money at the Compendium, upgrading to grab top rewards. I could easily see the International breaking through the $10 million prize pool mark. Will people finally take eSports seriously then? Will it go mainstream?

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Last Updated: May 21, 2014

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