The internet really hates Tekken 7’s latest character

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Lucky Chloe

Look at this nyew Tekken 7 character. She’s purr-fect. I guess you could say that I’m really feline this design. She clearly has cattitude. And until someone resets my brain with a cricket bat, expect more cat-astrophic puns.

Following in the proud tradition of lethal cat-girls in fighting games, like Felicity from Darkstalkers and whatsisname from BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma, your latest Tekken 7 character has a thing for cats. Like most gaming journalists. Tekken creator Katsuhiro Harada introduced Lucky Chloe during the series’ 20th anniversary celebrations in Japan, detailing her break dancing electric boogaloo fighting style. Here’s what it looks like in action:

Sweet Ogre, that is adorably tacky and gimmicky. Thing is, chances are that you won’t get to play as Lucky Chloe, as she happens to be Japan and East Asia exclusive. I dig her, to be honest. She’s silly, looks like fun to use in the game and happens to be a new character overall. I’m in the minority however, as the internet has not reacted well to her unveiling, with one NeoGAF thread going nuclear. And then Harada responded, via a series of lengthy tweets implying that Western fans are only interested in male fighters with WWE levels of muscle:

By the way, Are you Western only bulletin board? Hello small world. I’ll make a muscular and skinhead character for you.

Calm down and don’t worry. That character are East Asia and Europe ‘exclusive’. And I’ll say again. We’ve more new characters in TK7. She is JUST one of them.

Because you don’t need that character right? It’s simple thing. And I’ll say ‘Don’t worry’ again. I’ll release another character for you guys.

I said we’ve more new characters. Example: Looks well-muscled, skin-head, very powerful attack (I don’t like this idea but if you need).

In a franchise that includes an out of control baby dinosaur, a cyborg ninja samurai dude and a professor who fights exclusively with the bedridden style of martial arts, I think there’s plenty of space for Lucky Chloe. I’d hate to see her become a territory exlcusive. Hell, I want to play as her already. Although I wouldn’t put it past Bandai Namco to make Lucky Chloe a DLC character for when the game hits home consoles.

Last Updated: December 9, 2014

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