The Iron Patriot is a star-spangled dream collectible

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In case you haven’t heard yet, there’s a certain rad-looking film on the way by the name of Iron Man 3. It cost about as much to make as what we received in kickbacks for that positive Bioshock: Infinite review, and stars pretty people. But enough about them, because like any other high budget film, it also has…toys!

Iron Man 2 had a partner by the name of War Machine, played by Captain Planet himself, Don Cheadle. Cheadle is now back for the threequel, but with a stylin’ new Team America look as the Iron Patriot. As usual, Hot Toys is releasing some merch of the character, and it looks like another kickass sculpt so far.

The US of A mascot comes complete with all kinds of accessories, is 30 cm tall and will set you back over $300. That’s pretty much around R2800 smiling Randelas.

Damn, I still want one. Time to sell more of Yolanda’s organs. Freedom isn’t free and all that.

Last Updated: March 26, 2013

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  • These Hot Toys figures are amazing. I wish I had R3000 to spend on the Joker figure.

    • Deon Steyn

      That is what makes Batman great. One needs a perfect villan to be a awesome hero. The Joker is up there with the best if not the best!

  • Iron Patriot is a hero now?

    • Major Commodore 64 Darryn B

      It’s not Norman Osborne underneath the helmet.

      • That why I don’t understand them using the name. I will always identify the suit and the name with Norman Osborne.

        • Deon Steyn

          That’s the curse us comic book followers have to live with. The uneducated does not know any better

  • OVG

    Why are you not playing Bioshock?

  • Sir Captain Rincethis

    I knew there were kickbacks for the Bioshock review. Looking at the 2/10 scores most other sites gave it, this disgusts me…

  • Admiral Chief Erwin

    *sigh* I miss TEGATO

  • Deon Steyn

    I just got from the pub and read this bullshit. Norman Osborn was the the Iron Patriot not War Machine. Hollywood is treating us like fucking idiots!!! Does nobody read a comic book anymore? To hell with the third film!!! See this non believers

    • mornelithe

      Um, Hollywood has treated us like idiots for years, this is nothing new…I mean, did you watch the Xmen, Daredevil and Transformers movies? Ugh. So awful.

      • OVG

        I dont know what Im watching anymore. Spiderman new, new Spiderman, crazy Spiderman, Dark Batman, comic Batman, edgy Batman.

        In my mind the Joker was killed back in Tim Burtons Batman. HAVE YOU EVER DANCED WITH THE DEVIL IN THE PALE MOONLIGHT? Jack Nicholson BABY. I was very confused when they brought the Joker back.

        But then again an older person will tell me that the Joker died before the 1990 film.

        STAR TREK new cannon this old Enterprise that. 🙁

        Everything gets so diluted as one gets older that it all washes over my head and I just end up watching some action thing. Cant relate to characters.

        • mornelithe

          Well, the problem is again, the desire to make absolutely as much profit as possible, with no concern over what you’re doing to the brand name, ergo, the loyalists who’ve followed the series and made them capable of creating widespread frenzy, just from hearing the name.

          In the US, I know for a fact that the biggest reason we see bastardizations of our beloved comics, is that they pay less in royalties for when they don’t follow the already established plot-line. Throw in Shia Leboob, and Megan Toe Thumbs, and you’ve got yourself something that is guaranteed to sell, no matter what it ends up being. Most loyalists will give the first a shot, after that it’s too late, your money as well as millions of other suckers is already in their hands.

          There are many, examples of this throughout the film industry, not to mention TV. Anyone ever read the Terry Goodkind, Sword of Truth series? And then watch that abortion on TV Seeker of Truth?

          You’re right, Bond is a very good example of sticking with the roots, though I’d throw LoTR in there also. Yes, it wasn’t 100% to the T, but it was so close that I can overlook certain things. The Hobbit was very very well done, and so far, pretty dang close to the books. And while it’s clear the Star Trek series has gone AWOL with regards to cannon, I have to say…that was actually a good movie. Well, I wasn’t a fan of Eric Bana’s performance, but I think Chris Pine is excellent as Kirk. And while Kyle Urban can’t find a southern accent to save his life, he even makes a halfway convincing Bones.

          But, this is always going to be a problem, and I don’t see a way to fix it, because anyone can buy rights to anything this day and age. Which gives them Carte Blanche to murder the medium. I think the most damning though, far, far worse in my opinion than mere ‘comic’ books (I know, it’s blasphemous), is what happened to Clash of the Titans. I have never been so disgusted in movies as when I saw that. How DARE they take artistic liberty with KNOWN mythology. I mean, so well known, it’s LITERALLY set in fucking stone. I know I shouldn’t have expected better, but…the thought hadn’t occurred to me that someone would willingly try to rewrite something like that…. Perseus ending up with Io? /facepalm

          • Deon Steyn

            In the end I think this equation is simpler and they should just admit to it before every release :

            Hollywood = Non-Canon

          • OVG

            lol at The Sword of Truth. If only HBO got their adult themed hands on that franchise and made it as raw as the books.
            But Game of Thrones does the job nicely 🙂

          • Brady miaau

            yes. But the sword of truth would not have mass appeal. Parts of it are just too hard core for anything but real fans.

            While I do not agree with what is done, I can understand sometimes.

            Queue the downvotes

          • OVG

            Makes sense.

          • mornelithe

            I understand that had they remained true to the series, it would never have been allowed on TV, maybe not even HBO (Remember how Darken Raul spoke with the dead?? The little kid??), my question would then be…why make it into a show?

            The only satisfaction I’ll get out of that debacle, is that a whole bunch of people who enjoyed the TV show, may end up reading the actual books. And I’d like to think I could hear their screams of terror from here.

            But yeah, as OVG said, it makes sense, there’s some stuff that was way way too over the top for TV. Doesn’t mean I have to like it =)

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