The Kinect 2 is already here

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Well, according to developer Rare at least. Speaking about the Microsoft’s motion sensing device at the Develop 2011 conference, Rare’s Scott Henson and Nick Burton commented on how the software upgrades for the Kinect meant that it was continually being improved upon.

As Burton explained “The great with Kinect is it’s all software.Yeah, there’s a sensor bar there, but everything is dealt with in software, which means we can continue to push it.”

Nick then showcased how the team at Rare had designed software that constantly monitored for any errors in the programming of the motion tracking, correcting any such problems and effectively updating the software for the future. This design allowed for Rare to create more responsive games, allowing the Kinect to be more effective when reading the body of a user.

Burton also mentioned that the team really wanted to push the limits of voice control in Kinect Sports Season 2, with an example being made of players asking and consulting their caddy on a virtual golf course for the right club. In fact, that particular section of Kinect Sports will allow players to use over 300 phrases, 10 times more than the voice options available in last years Kinectimals.

Henson and Burton also explained that development on utilising the Kinect was only just beginning, with teams having only just starting to realise the potential of the little device, with the latest software available meant that the next batch of games would be second generation titles.

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were keen to stress that Kinect development was only just beginning to scratch the surface of what the controller can do, and that the software basis for the system meant that a huge jump forward was already being made in these “second generation” Kinect games.

When an audience member asked if a potential Xbox 720 meant a Kinect 2, Henson replied, “Kinect 2 is already here”.

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Last Updated: July 27, 2011

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