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The Kingdoms of Amalur trailer you weren’t meant to see

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Kingdoms of Amalur from 38 Studios and Big Huge Games was a pretty good RPG – though many might say it stumbled along as a generic high-fantasy experience. It was supposed to lay the groundwork for something larger – an MMO set in that universe. That’ll never happen though; financial mismanagement, dodgy state loans and the atmospheric costs involved in MMO development put an end to it all. Here’s a look at a leaked trailer to that game – codenamed Project Copernicus. A game you’ll never get to play.

The leaked trailer’s authenticity has been confirmed by former 38 Studios creative director Steve Danuser – who says it was mostly made with placeholder assets. Even the dull narration was placeholder – so the trailer gives little more than glimpse in to what may have been.

“The logo at the end was based upon the ouroboros, an ancient symbol of the cyclical nature of the universe. This symbol has great significance to the story of Amalur, a world trapped in an unending cycle of creation and destruction. And yes, we had this symbol before the Elder Scrolls Online announced using a similar logo (that’s what you get for basing your IP on classic themes),” Danuser added.

“The illustrated style showcased in the teaser was something you would have seen throughout the game. Our cinematics team was packed with amazing illustrators, and we were using animation like this to introduce our races and tell little bits of history you’d encounter as you traveled through Amalur.”

Personally, I think the Kingdoms of Amalur MMO was doomed from the start; the universe is too similar to World of Warcraft to even think of challenging that game on its home turf. I really would have liked a single player sequel though.

Last Updated: July 10, 2012

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