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The Last Guardian is/isn’t cancelled

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Herp derp

Over the weekend some websites got very excited about a rumour that The Last Guardian had been cancelled by the management of Sony.

Instead of following our lead and being black out drunk all weekend these websites were rushing over themselves to be the first to post the news that the big fluffy bird had finally been put out of our misery.

Some people were upset, others were quite gleeful about it and then we had some classic comments such as

Maybe Gearbox should pick it up now and release it;

An obvious dig at the utter disaster that Duke Nukem Forever was after they rescued it from cutting room floor where it should have stayed forever.

The first site to go live with the rumour was IGN who have now posted an apology for their quick fire rumour mongering. Apparently the initial story came out of Sony Russia (you can’t trust these Russians) and while IGN attempted to confirm it with Sony America they were met with the expected “We can’t comment” line.

It appears a lot of people have become upset at IGN over this which I think mainly goes to show how many people are still desperately clinging onto the hope that a game that has been delayed for years and beset with problems will actually be any good. My interest in The Last Guardian is relatable to watching Darryn chat up girls at events; you know it’s all going to end in tears but you just can’t pull your eyes away from it.

Sony’s press conference is early tomorrow morning and if anything is going to be announced about The Last Guardian it will be done there. The entire thing will be live tweeted, blogged and streamed right here so if you are awake make sure you swing by and say hi.

Last Updated: June 9, 2014

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