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The Last Guardian underwent a sex change

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Every time news on this game surfaces, I squeeee like a little girl. Which is quite apt because the protagonist for Team ICO’s upcoming game used to be just that: a little girl.

In an interview with PSM3, Fumito Ueda (head of Team ICO) discussed the original design decisions behind the lead character, which started off as a young girl. Owing to various design concerns, that character changed to the young boy that we all know so well from the game’s trailers.

The griffon-like creature is known as the Trico (a clever name considering this is Team ICO‘s third game) and is a large, strong force in the title. To balance that out, Ueda chose a female lead who “was light on her feet” but rather susceptible (flashes of Yorda from ICO here ).

“The Trico is a very powerful creature. If we’d had a beefed-up, powerful hero, it would have thrown off the balance a little bit, so the design naturally drove me to create an adolescent female character who was light on her feet. But in the end I decided a boy would have a little more grip to climb the Trico. Another problem is that girls tend to wear skirts, and The Last Guardian features a lot of climbing…”

The age-old problem of up-skirt camera shots and a healthy dose of gender stereotyping can be blamed for the change!

Source: CVG

Last Updated: October 27, 2010

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