The Last of Us: Left Behind is last story DLC

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The Last of Us left behind DLC

I’m not sure that The Last of Us really needed any story DLC. That story was so complete and spot on, but it’s not my call. The Last of Us: Left Behind is coming on Valentine’s Day, and will be the one and only single player DLC.

According to the Playstation EU blog, the DLC will be of a “good” length depending on how good you are at the game and what difficulty you play it on. However, the real DLC focus is on multiplayer:

There’s multiplayer DLC up next. We don’t have any more single player DLC planned.

We also got a new trailer for the DLC:

For the non-video viewers among you, the trailer shows off Ellie and Riley playing at being zombies and being crazy teenage girls. It’s sweet and endearing and, okay fine – I want to play this DLC now. Stupid Naughty Dog making awesome, polished games that are totally worth the time and investment.

Here is the cinematic interview:

Here we find out that the DLC actually has more narrative density. Wow, so even more story and character. Sure, we know that something terrible has to happen, but I suppose it’s worth seeing what that was, and maybe gaining deeper insight into Ellie’s character. I’m intrigued by the change in gameplay – less combat and more exploration. All in all, it should be a nice extra experience tacked onto a fantastic game. I will definitely miss Joel, though – he was pretty epic in the original game.

Last Updated: January 24, 2014

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