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The Last of Us: Left Behind launch trailer will give you the feels

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Naughty Dog looks set to break our hearts on Valentine’s Day. The Last of Us was a stellar experience on the PlayStation 3, earning a 9.8/10 score right here on Lazygamer, not to mention winning our end-of-year awards for Best PlayStation 3 Game and Best New IP. It was lauded for its flawless presentation and challenging gameplay, but most importantly for its memorable characters and emotional storyline.

Left Behind — its only single-player DLC forthcoming — looks to follow the same formula that made the core game so successful. The launch trailer hints at the powerful relationship between best friends Ellie and Riley, and suggests that it will play a major part in the DLC. From the post on the PlayStation Blog:

We wanted to dig deeper into the events that transformed Ellie into the fighter players were introduced to on her fateful meeting with Joel. What does it mean for two teenagers to survive in a world that offers little hope? How far will you go to save yourself? How far will you go to save the ones you love?

From the trailer, it’s clear that Naughty Dog is going to spend a lot of time developing the friendship between these two protagonists – not just in dealing with the dangers of the world around them, but in the kind of incomparable affection only found in childhood best friends. Everyone planning on diving in at launch should be prepared for another emotional journey. Keep the tissues handy.

The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC is releasing at 6 AM GMT on the PlayStation Store for £11.99/€14.99.

Last Updated: February 14, 2014

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