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The Last of Us multiplayer won’t be “tacked on”

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Just yesterday I was all like “Oh my gosh! Like, keep your multiplayer out of my single player” just like a whiney WoW player should be (I am kidding!), today Naughty Dog assures us that The Last of Us’ multiplayer won’t be broken and awful and stuff.

As expected many gamers felt jolts of terror through their gaming hearts when Naughty Dog announced that the game will have a multiplayer and raised their concern on the PS Blog US. Community strategist at Naughty Dog, Arne Meyer responded saying that the multiplayer to the game wont be approached in a way that will make it a tacked on mode and that there are different people working on single player and multiplayer respectively. Here are some of his responses to comments on the blog:

“We don’t approach MP in any of our games as tacked on. And we also always have separate teams working on the different components so that we can maintain full focus on making SP and MP up to our standards.” 

“And we have faith that our MP will stand on it’s own. If we felt like it would be tacked on, we wouldn’t have added it. We want all our game experiences to be of the highest quality and that’s what we work extremely hard to deliver.”

“We don’t develop games or features for bullet points – we make the games we enjoy and we hope you’ll enjoy as well.”

“MP has never taken away resources from the SP game in any of our games, always separate teams, separate resources. The folks working on the single player campaign always have the resources and support to complete that portion of the game to the vision they planned for.”

So there you have it, now bring us the good stuff Naughty Dog!

Last Updated: December 11, 2012

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