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The Last Of Us on PS4? Don’t hold your breath

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The above image appeared on Neogaf yesterday and points to Naughty Dog releasing a version of the critically acclaimed survival title, The Last Of Us, onto the PlayStation 4 at the end of the month.

At first glance everything appears to look legitimate but it didn’t take the detective over at Neogaf too soon notice some issues with this. First up the line “Only on PlayStation” doesn’t normally appear on PS4 exclusives and the band at the top is slightly larger than it should be.

Then the box art chosen is a little strange considering what was normally used for the PS3 release but the nail in the coffin is simply typing that URL into your browser.

It lead to a pre-order page for PS4 exclusive, The Order, which ironically does have the “Only on PlayStation” ribbon on it. So the first clue that sent people investigating was a red herring after all but yes this screenshot is a fake.

That hasn’t stopped people from wanting it to happen though.

Personally I’m not a fan of games being remade for new platforms and can’t really see the point of replaying a game I’ve completed before. Especially a single player experience.

But if you disagree then what games would you want to see remade for the PlayStation 4 or what games would be the catalyst for you dropping that much money on a brand new console? I think the only old game that would make me rush out to buy it would be a HD remake of the original Quake with the same twitch gameplay, but then again I can’t see that ever working on a console properly so maybe that’s a bad choice?

Last Updated: December 13, 2013

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