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The Last Stand receives tons of awards and the new prize is announced

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So yesterday we announced our very first game that Lazygamer has ever developed and in a stunning turn of events the title has already been awarded with many titles and personal recommendations from people as far a field as President Zuma and the afterlife.

Take a look at the incredible accolades trailer that we have just been awarded and be amazed!

However what’s actually truly amazing is the high score that was recorded yesterday. During our development phase the highest possible score we could reach was around the 33 000 mark and I honestly didn’t expect anyone to really do much better than that.

Dedicated readers JP, Gareth and Sargon went head to head all through the day in an incredibly tight battle, but it was JP’s amazing run of 70 200 that has proven impossible to overtake.

So congrats JP, send me your details and we’ll get that incredible jacket delivered to you ASAP.

For today I’m not actually going to clear the leaderboard out yet but we have a new competition to strive for.

To win this epic phone holster that can be used to look awesome either while at gym or while snapping bad guys’ necks then simply play Last Stand and the first player to hit 32 100 exactly, or the closest to it at midnight tonight, will win this.

Phone holder 3quart Mockup_v2

So that’s it, let’s see what skills you really have.

That’s it! Simply click here to show us your stuff

Oh and don’t forget to pre-order you copy of Splinter Cell: Blacklist because they’re awesome and the game looks great.

Oh and JP, please tell us how you managed to get that score

Last Updated: August 14, 2013

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