The latest Payday 2 update somewhat mitigates the game’s recent microtransaction drama

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Remember last week, when Overkill introduced a new drill microtransaction to PayDay 2 as part of the Black Market update? Yeah, the community weren’t too fond of that move, especially because it made the shooter a little too pay-to-win for their liking. The developers have taken all that criticism to heart, and have now fixed the problem… sort of.

A new patch (update 84) has dropped, which contains the following changes (via VG247):

  • Fixed an issue where the reload sound for the Ksp 58 were missing
  • Fixed an issue where attachments equipped on the RPK were floating on the side of the barrel
  • Fixed an issue with Edit Keys options text for the keybind for Gadget
  • Fixed an issue where the Iron Sights for the CAR-4 were visible through objects when having certain modifications equipped
  • Fixed an issue where some Gadget modifications clipped through the Bipod modification when both were equipped on the Brenner
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if you try and deploy the bipod while performing other actions
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t be downed by a cloaker when having the bipod deployed
  • Added the First World Bank heist. Players can find it under the contact “Classics” from the Contract Broker in Crime.Net
  • Added Drills to the Card Loot Drop reward table. Players can now be rewarded with Drills that can open Safes after successfully completing a heist
  • Added the song “Gun Metal Grey 2015” by Simon Viklund
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Notice anything? Embedded in all those fixes is a small change that now gives players a chance of looting drills.

It doesn’t fix the problem entirely. If Joe Soap has a credit card loaded with millions of cash monies, there is nothing to stop him from buying a bunch of drills and unlocking a ton of safes. Still, at least this change levels the playing field somewhat, but not 100% I’m afraid.

I know I may be shot for saying this, but I really don’t mind microtransactions – if they are handled correctly. Valve have the perfect model in my mind. A player can shower all the cash they want in Dota 2 or Counter Strike: Global Offensive for example, yet it will not give them any sort of gameplay advantage – only a shiny new cosmetic look.

I suppose the model Team Fortress 2 has is up for debate though. Valve’s shooter possesses a bunch of alternate weapons that come packed with different stats, similar to that of PayDay 2 in a sense. At least they were never hidden exclusively behind a paywall, and now, neither are those in PayDay 2.

Last Updated: October 21, 2015

Matthew Figueira

Defence of the Ancients? More like Defence of the cabbages! Have you seen my head? I look like a Merino Sheep on pole. NO SHANGE only SHAPPIES! :D

  • Grand Admiral Chief


  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    Um, am I wrong in thinking that Payday 2 is a co-op game without PVP? So… where’s the P2W seeing as you can’t really win without the whole team winning.

    • Juan


      people bitching about paying for something that has no real influence on the current state of the game

    • Commander JJ of the Normandy

      I suppose people don’t like it when someone else has a better score after a heist than another because of their paid content. That’s all I can think of. Wouldn’t bother me too much though…then again, I usually drop from a heist when I notice they’re people who are just screwing around.

      • Juan

        its fun screwing around sometimes

        • Commander JJ of the Normandy

          I’ll admit to that.
          I’m just specifically talking about people who purposefully screw up a heist in spite of the rest of the team.
          When everyone is in a crazy mood, we do mess around a lot also. There’s a lot of fun to be had

          • Juan

            we are usually 4 that play together, so the random screwy element is completely removed

          • Commander JJ of the Normandy

            Ah. That’s nice. We tend to be three, so every once in a while we get an oddball person. Otherwise we just play with a 3-man team.

  • Hammersteyn

    Players thought the MT was overkill, while Overkill thought it was Payday

    • Commander JJ of the Normandy

      Take all the upvotes

      • Hammersteyn


  • Commander JJ of the Normandy

    They really pissed off a lot of loyal fans with this. Me included. Haven’t really bothered with the game much since.
    PayDay2 has had a ridiculous amount of DLC, and I’ve bought (dare I say) most of them. They’ve really been worth it… and it worked well with the type of game. But Microtransactions can gtfo.

    • Juan

      entirely optional microtransactions, overall the weapon balance has been allright

      • Commander JJ of the Normandy

        I know it’s optional, my problem is that it’s unnecessary.
        For a game to have as many DLCs as PayDay and have people buy them all so loyally is rare enough as it is. And I’m one of those people, but this just seemed like they were trying too hard.
        It’s still a great game none the less, and none of the people I regularly play with want anything to do with the microtransactions…so in the end I suppose I won’t even come into contact with it.
        So it’s not too bad then.

  • Bagel

    You can kiss their entire economy goodbye, The hackers in this game can instantly end heists etc.

    Goodbye PD2 you where good when you had 1 dlc

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