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The latest SimCity patch adds extra bugs to the game

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It’s not an easy life for the citizens of my sprawling Mega-City One. Their children have to go to school right next to a nuclear waste plant, while citizens are complaining about the fact that I may have built a sewerage plant in the middle of main street. Surprisingly though, that lifestyle was actually better before the latest patch for the SimCity MMO arrived.

SimCity got patched this week, and the download was a majorly minor one. Maxis promised some big bug-squashing, and that’s just what happened with this patch. It also had the side effect of now introducing a whole new set of bugs that have begun to plague the game.

SimCity Redditer Imidazole0 via Kotaku has been keeping an active list of these bugs, that detail everything from cities rolling back to previous versions that result in hours of progress being lost, to Cheetah mode being a hassle and even the fact that the trees are now screaming.

These bugs range from cosmetic issues to game-breakers, but they’re there all the same. The official SimCity forums are also reporting problems and before you ask, yes, it seems that AI pathing is still a mess.

It’s a shame really. Beneath the always-on controversy, the bizarre statements and the city simulator now being riddled with bugs once again, SimCity really is a damn good game. But if it’s going to get patched like this, no one is going to notice that.

Last Updated: April 25, 2013

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