The latest Smash Bros Amiibo figures look fantastic

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Gaming developers, you have it all wrong. You want to make extra cash? Then stop fiddling with season passes, attack-pants and micro-DLC. Believe it or not, gamers want to get physical like an Olivia Newton John song, with some quality merch. It’s worked for Skylanders. It’s been a blockbuster tactic for Disney Infinity. And now Nintendo is joining that market with its beautiful Amiibo figures for Super Smash Bros.

And yes, in a way it is another attempt at cashing in on that market. The advantage here however, is that Nintendo is only focused on the figures themselves. No portal devices, no extra bits and bobs that need to go with the small toys. Just the figures man, just the figures. And from what I’ve seen so far from my various travels, the Amiibo figures have the all-round best quality out of all three major toys to life franchises. Just check out the new figures and see for yourself:

Look at the finish on that Captain Falcon figure. Look at it. It’s magnificent, and even if I don’t wind up getting Super Smash Bros, I’d dig to have that on my shelf. Dammit Nintendo, I’m made up of cotton candy, bad life choices and screaming voices in my head, not money. Of course, this happens to be the second wave of figures, with Wave 1 looking equally fancy. The figures themselves will be available locally as well, but expect to shell out close to R200 for one of them.

Also expect to find me using these figures to enact all manner of weird fan-fiction when I think I’m all alone in my room.

Last Updated: October 9, 2014

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