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The latest Street fighter X Tekken patch introduces a game-breaking bug

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Patches and title updates for console games have changed console gaming this generation, almost defining it. In the past, games were QA tested to heck, just to make sure that game-breaking bugs didn’t exist – because if they did, the game would have to be recalled and re-issued, a monumentally expensive endeavour. These days, games seem to be released in a half broken state, with developers able to rectify their errors later, through patches.

You could argue that it’s justified, given how complex today’s games are, and you’d probably be right – but it still sucks that it’s given some developers licence to skimp on quality assurance.”On that note, there’s been much said about the certification processes necessary to get Xbox and PS3 games patched – but I’m left wondering just how rigorous that process is – because, as we’ve seen in the past with Skyrim,the latest patch for Street Fighter X Tekken has broken it.

According to fighting game fanatics at  Shouryuken.com, the latest patch pretty much makes baton-twirling bad-ass Rolento useless. If you happen to use his stinger attack, and throw a knife that hits an opponent’s projectile, the game freezes, requiring a reset. The glitch affects Xbox 360 and PS3 players who’ve patched to the new 1.04 update. Unfortunately, you can’t rollback and play online without the latest update – so Rolento players will have to sit and twiddle their thumbs until a patch to fix the patch that was released to fix the game but didn’t comes out.

Last Updated: May 18, 2012

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