The Lazygamer Awards 2010 – Game Of The Year

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Have you already peeked at our list of nominees? If you have then you already know that voting and selecting our number one Game of the Year for 2010 was not an easy decision for the Lazygamer crew.

Talk about a list of powerhouses, we all know that only one can take home the crown. Who will it be?

Here are the nominees for our 2010 Lazygamer Awards Game Of The Year :

Mass Effect 2

Red Dead Redemption

Starcraft 2

Heavy Rain

Super Mario Galaxy 2

And the award goes to:


Winner: Red Dead Redemption

Today, the cowboy gets to ride away into the sunset as Red Dead Redemption takes our number one spot as the Lazygamer 2010 Game of the Year. A huge story mode, with a great story, tons of fun to be had, great looking visuals and amazing versus as well as co-operative multiplayer are just some of the reasons that Red Dead Redemption comes out on top.

Rockstar have delivered the complete package with Red Dead Redemption and one that is a must-play for anyone who dared to ever call themselves a gamer. The decision was further strengthened by Red Dead Redemptions availability on more than just one platform as well as one of the best DLC packs of the year, Undead Nightmare that eventually put it on top of its main rival, Mass Effect 2.

Rockstar prove once again that they are one of the big boys and even when it was predicted as a complete failure, Red Dead Redemption was quick to the draw and able to make its mark on 2010 as the best of the lot.

Runner-Up: Mass Effect 2

Last Updated: December 15, 2010

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