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The Lazygamer Awards 2012 – Best Downloadable Game

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Digital distribution of videogames has become an important part of the industry, more so than ever this year. No wonder that some games have been made available only for digital purchase. Between these titles, no matter the lack of super billion dollar funding, we’ve found some real gems, and the best, most amazing, took-the-world-by-storm downloadable game of the year is…

The Walking Dead

Originally released as a downloadable game, The Walking Dead surprised the industry with a unique, mind blowing approach. This is more than just another zombie game, this is brilliance. Released in five episodes, each episode would bring a new emotional roller-coaster into the story.

But how was this possible? How could a zombie game grip players in this way? Telltale Games has discovered the secret to true video game brilliance, a secret recipe that would engage players in their game emotionally, in a way that can not be trolled.

The Walking Dead sets players in the world of Robert Kirkman’s comic book series. You experienced life-changing events, met new characters and some familiar faces from the comic book series, in events that foreshadow the story of Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes.

What contributed to the game’s success is that the story and its outcome were based on the decisions made by the player. After The Walking Dead’s great success, it has now been made available for retail purchase in North America. 

Honourable mentions:

  • Journey
  • Fez

Last Updated: December 19, 2012

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