The Lazygamer Awards 2014 – Best PS4 game

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Best PS4 game

There once was a time when choosing a console meant choosing an entire set of games. Mario or Sonic? Such tough decisions. Now, most games come to most platforms, so it’s the exclusives that set them apart. This year’s PS4 exclusive will make your eyeballs water with glory.

And the winner is… The Last of Us: Remastered!

1313 The Last of Us 4

The best game on PS3 last year was remastered exquisitely. See the difference between frame rates and finally end the 30 vs 60 debate for yourself. But more than that, the story held up as the game was shifted from one generation to another, with improved graphics and all the DLC included in one shiny, fantastic package. There is a reason The Last of Us won so many awards – it tells a compelling story with believable characters and incredible visuals. If you missed this on PS3, don’t make that same mistake on the new console.

Honourable mentions:

Infamous: Second Son, Little Big Planet 3

Last Updated: December 19, 2014

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