The Lazygamer Awards 2014 – Best Sports Game

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We get a bunch of new sports games every year, and by new, I mean an annual rehash with some extra goodies sprinkled on top! That’s not necessarily a bad thing. There are the usual suspects for the award this year, but who truly set themself apart?

And the winner is… NBA2K15!


Hot damn does NBA2K15 look amazeballs. Look at that sweat… LOOK AT IT! 2K have worked some kind of sorcery to make the game look ridiculously realistic. Actually, I can kind of understand why it does because apparently they added 5000 extra animations to this year’s title. Load it up and tell me it doesn’t look like the real thing when you’re sitting back and not paying close attention. I promise you it’s something special to behold!

Visuals aside, there are some new additions to the game which really give the player a more personal basketball experience. Think you can nail that tough 3 point shot? Make sure you time that icon to land perfectly on that sliver of a white bar!

Basketball really isn’t a popular sport in South Africa, at least not when compared to rugby, cricket and football. If you’re a fan though, NBA2K15 is the perfect way to experience the dribble sport.


FIFA 15, PES 2015

Last Updated: December 19, 2014

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