The Lazygamer Awards 2014 round up

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GOTY Round up

Wow, giving out awards is hard work. We gave out a ridiculous amount on Friday, and we know you didn’t get to read them all. So, here they are in one place for you to rage at all throughout the holidays.

First up, all our caveats. When we say something is best for a platform, it has to be exclusive to that platform. No PC games that are also playable on PS4, no Xbox games that also came to the Vita. They have to be pure exclusives. Also, only games that we reviewed were eligible for prizes. That means, if we didn’t get a review copy/unit, it doesn’t make the list, even if it is a fantastic game/device. Be sure to read the original articles for explanations and honorable mentions. Okay, here goes!

Shadow of Mordor really cleaned up, as did Dragon Age: Inquisition. Good thing Darryn and I gave them awards at E3! You can just call us Nostradamus from now on. But really, there were a few truly excellent games this year, even if the rest of the time the releases (and patches and delays) were real disappointments.

Last Updated: December 22, 2014

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