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The Lazygamer Top 100 games of this generation – 51-60

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Top 1001Wow, almost halfway through our list of games that defined this generation in gaming. Well, maybe not defined, but they certainly made us happy. Remember, no metrics, scores or sales used to make this list – just a lot of bickering and threatening of each other’s wellbeing.

60 – Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag (PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4)

Ac iv kenway

Breaking away from the Desmond-fuelled craziness that was Assassin’s Creed 1-3, Black Flag took us in a whole new direction. Gone was the moral heavy handedness of Connor – instead we get to be jolly pirates and romp through history while carousing and sailing. Even the “current day” references are filled with tongue-in-cheek jabs at the gaming industry; Ubisoft seems to be making fun of themselves, making for a much more enjoyable experience.

AC IV brought players back to the joy of Assassin’s Creed and definitely served to bolster the franchise. The pirates life is for you!

59 – Devil May Cry (PC, Xbox 360, PS3)


Reboots are often met with a perfectly acceptable amount of scorn, but 2013 saw Ninja Theory get the formula right for remaking a cult classic game. Over the top, packing plenty of attitude and combat that was insanely fine-tuned, Dante returned with a vengeance this year.

And the switch between heavenly and demonic powers never felt better, as the son of Sparda blitzed through imaginative worlds and battlegrounds in this underrated gem.

58 – Transformers War for Cybertron, Fall of Cybertron (PC, Xbox 360, PS3)


Much like their Cybertronian source material, Transformers Fall Of and War For Cybertron was much more than met the eye. Redesigning the conflict between the Autobots and Decepticons for a new generation, players could switch between vehicle modes and ass-stomping robot modes on the fly while the action played it tight and focused.

With an addictive multiplayer mode also thrown in for good mix, this was one game that most definitely had the touch.

57 – Dead Space Series (PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii)

Dead Space 3 Gets New Details Fresh Screenshots 2013 Release Date 6

In space, no one can hear you scream. That’s probably a good thing, because Dead Space – especially the first one – will make you scream a lot. Taking the survival horror reigns away from Resident Evil, EA and Visceral created a brave new IP in an era of sequels, giving us one of this generation’s best leading men.

Yes its sequels started losing the scares, replacing them with all-out action and micro-transactions, but there are still few finer experiences than removing the limbs from necromorphs with an glorified  engineering tool. 

56 – Vanquish (Xbox 360, PS3)


Imagine a fast paced 3D 3rd person bullet hell shooter with beat ’em up elements. If you can imagine that, you can imagine Vanquish being an awesome game.

You play as Sam Dideon, A DARPA agent fitted with the Augmented Reaction Suit. This allows him to slow down time at low health and use specialised boosters and weapons. You can boost in and out of cover under fire, so it makes for a fast paced experience. Complemented with striking visuals and a silly plot, Vanquish is worth every penny for it’s unique gameplay despite its short length.

55 – Dragon Age 2 (PC, Mac, Xbox 360, PS3)

Dragon age II

The sequel to the highly acclaimed Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age II suffered from sequel prejudice. Many people hated it, mostly because of the repeated dungeon and environments, as well as the fact that you’re forced to play as a human character. However, for all its faults, DA II is still a fantastic Western RPG with plenty of choices, character development and achievements.

Sure, Dragon Age: Origins set the bar rather high, but it’s not that DA II is a bad game. In fact, it is a more enjoyable experience that most RPGs you can pick up – so don’t believe the negative hype. If you’re a fan of WRPGs, give this one a whirl. Just don’t expect it to be as good as its predecessor.

54 – Halo Franchise (PC, Xbox 360)


When it comes to leading franchises on consoles nothing comes close to the name and spread of the Halo experience. The franchise has an incredible and emotional single player experience themed with orchestral music and a huge story arc that should keep any shooter fan happy.

But it’s more famous for the huge multiplayer experience that it offers. The original Halo is arguably the forefather of every single first person shooter title on consoles and the series never let that lead go by adding huge open maps, the forge experience where you can created your own games and who can forget the ridiculously weird to drive vehicles which took the realism from the game and made it a ton of fun to waste hours of time on.

53 – Skate Franchise (Xbox 360, PS3)


Before EA shocked the world with their Skate franchise the only real place for us boardheads to experience the love of the sport was in the Tony Hawk franchise, which while good never really got the emotional experience of being part of the skateboard culture.

Skate introduced us to huge open worlds where we could pull tricks on pretty much anything we could see and opened up a whole new generation to the lifestyle and professionalism behind the much derided skateboarding scene. It’s been over 3 years since the last title in the series was released and we can’t wait to see the franchise make a return in the next generation.

52 – Darksiders (PC, Xbox 360, PS3)

Darksiders Game Background Wallpaper for laptops

Release the hounds of war! Well, actually, just the horsemen of apocalypse. This first instalment in the Darksiders franchise let us play as war, the large, gruff, monster of character. Wronged and blamed, he seeks to right the wrongs done by the apocalypse, engaging in some serious destruction in the process.

Combining platforming, acrobatics and puzzle solving with a healthy dose of weaponry and hack and slash, Darksiders have just about everything you could want. Way more fun than expected, playing as War is good for the soul.

51 – Guitar Hero Franchise (PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, DS)

Guitar Hero 3 Legend Rock 1593

Who would have thought playing a plastic guitar could be cool once over the age of 5? But wow, Guitar Hero started a revolution. Where would we be without this rhythm game? Guitar Hero created a whole new type of gaming and made it possible for the bigger and better versions to be understandable to the masses; we couldn’t have Rocksmith without Guitar Hero.

There’s no doubt, clicking buttons and strumming a fake guitar is fun. Plus, it got a whole new generation to like real music, instead of the stuff you hear on the radio these days. So, all in all, Guitar Hero deserves this spot on the list. You Rock!

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Last Updated: December 18, 2013

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