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The Lazygamer Top 100 games of this generation – 90-81

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It’s the next bit of Lazygamer’s top 100 games of this generation. Once again, we have to reiterate that this list was compiled not just based on scores, or sales, or some sort of weird, magical metric. Rather, it’s a look at 100 games and franchises that shocked and amazed us, or made us stare out of the window, thinking about stuff. And honestly, some of us have pretty weird tastes, so you might see a thing or two that goes against the grain, or even pisses you off.


90 – Mafia 2 (PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3)


Though it didn’t quite live up to its criminally underrated predecessor, 2K’s mobster-driven open-world game remained an immersive, action packed cinematic experience. Much of its actual gameplay bordered on being repetitive, but it hardly mattered.

Where it really excelled was in atmosphere, with period clothes, music, and architecture that perfectly capture mosaic of pre-war America.

89 – Far Cry 3 (PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3)


Do you know what the definition of insanity is? It’s not playing Far Cry 3. While it, yes, has a bit of a stupid story and one of the very worst protagonists in the history of games, it also has one of the very best villains you’ll find in the medium.

If Vaas, perfectly played by Michael Mando, doesn’t send chills right through you, you might be a bit insane yourself. When it comes to sandbox shooters, Far Cry 3 ditched its predecessor’s fluff and stuffed it full of action. And more fluff , like hunting and skinning animals, but even that managed to be engaging. Like Skyrim, but with guns.

88 – Resistance Franchise (PlayStation 3)

PlayStation launch game Resistance and its alternate take on history wasn’t the most engaging shooter, but it did have some of the finest and most inventive weapons in the genre. It also gave us a glimpse of what the future of the PlayStation 3 held.

By the time its second sequel came along though, the series had evolved to being one of the best,most engaging shooters in the business, even if the series had lost its momentum by then. Pity, because Resistance 3 is really, really good.

87 – FIFA Series (PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, DS, PSP, PS Vita, Mobile)


With FIFA being the typical annualised sports title we felt we couldn’t pick a single edition but have rather lumped them all together as the single best football simulator in this generation.

With the amazing amount of licensed teams, stadia, players and tournaments the FIFA series has blown away all competition and hasn’t rested on its laurels. Every new release brings a brand new game mode to the table with the additions of online leagues, FIFA Ultimate Team and manager mode all being detailed enough to be stand alone games by themselves

86 –Bulletstorm (PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3)


Every second word may have been a vulgar curse, and it was filled with most egregious and gratuitous violence, but underneath it all lay a shooter with more brains than would first suggest. A bit like the Dolph Lundgren of videogames, really.

With a slick skill system that actually forced you to be creative about how you killed things, you could forgive all that “dicktits” nonsense. It also gave us one of the best baddies in gaming this generation, the also psychotic General Serrano.

85 – Binary Domain (PC,Xbox 360,PS3)


As far as underappreciated gems of this generation go, Binary domain is right near the top. It was unfortunately released right around the same time as Mass Effect 3, so it got a little buried but it was a great action game, with a ton of heart.

Its clichéd sci-fi setting didn’t help. A cover-based shooter with robots, a gruff, scarred military guy and the feeling that you’ve seen it before. But you haven’t. Binary Domain’s odd emphasis on the relationships you build with your team really just works, giving you a great third person shooter you actually become emotionally invested in.

84 – Prey (Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 3)


Prey tells the story of Tommy, a native American greasemonkey stuck on a reservation going nowhere. His life changes quite drastically when an an alien invasion forces him to awaken some long-forgotten spiritual mumbo jumbo.

It stumbled about in territory thoroughly covered by Half-Life 2 and Quake 4, but something about Prey made it feel special. Perhaps it was the fact that it made you want to vomit. Not just because of the grotesque violence, but also because of its novel, stomach churning topsy-turvy anti-gravity and portal mechanics.

83 – Alan Wake (PC, Xbox 360)


Though it came quite a few years later than promised, and was less impressive than it should have been on a technical level, Alan Wake more than made up for it when it comes to telling a story. In fact, It could just be some of the best storytelling in videogames.

Telling the twisted tale of a writer who somehow gets trapped up within his own fiction, Alan Wake tread familiar narrative ground to anybody who’s picked up a book before, but it did so exceptionally well, really getting inside of Alan’s head.

82 – The Fancy Pants Adventures (PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Mobile)


Launched way back as a browser game on Newgrounds in 2006, Fancy Pants Adventures told the story of a platforming, wall jumping, fast running stick figure man with really fancy pants. It caught on quickly, garnering millions of visits on Kongregate.com and Newgrounds.   

The Fancy Pants Adventures evolved into one of the most beloved platformers on Xbox Live Arcade.With its unique art style and fast Sonic like movement, like Super Meat Boy on XBLA, it quickly gained popularity and is still close to people’s hearts.

81 – Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (PC, Xbox 360, PS3)


After years in development, the Tom Clancy branded Ghost Recon: Future Soldier finally made its way out of development hell and into living rooms all over the world. Action-packed but with a heavy tactical twist, the game took full advantage of its military history to bring future warfare down to earth.

A solid single-player campaign wasn’t enough though, as GR:FS earned plenty of fans for its balanced multiplayer that emphasised true teamwork over lone-wolf action

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Last Updated: December 12, 2013

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