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The Legend of Zelda is being made in Minecraft

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I’ve told you about all kinds of cool projects in Minecraft. People have recreated environments from The Hobbit, as well as real world castles and bridges. But this might just be the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen – the Legend of Zelda has been recrafted in Minecraft and it is the best remake you can imagine.

Found over on Reddit (thanks Dean), this 100% vanilla adventure map faithfully recreates the original NES Legend of Zelda game. It’s not just about recreating the environment, but even simulating the gameplay. Check out these comparisons that I whipped up for you; you can see even more over here:

The Graveyard

Minecraft zelda graveyard

Level 1 Entrance

Mincraft zelda level 1

There’s even this video of recreating the world map:

The pack isn’t ready for release just yet, but it will be posted for everyone to download and enjoy as soon as it’s complete. This might actually make me play Minecraft – the original game was a favourite of mine as a child and it’s so cool to see it recreated in Minecraft. This definitely takes some serious skill, especially without the use of any mods or skins; I’m curious how they will get doors to unlock and all how they’ll simulate the various enemies and items, but I suppose it does fit pretty well – what more do you need than a sword and a bow and some excellent level design?

I am actually blown away by this. The Minecraft version feels closer to what I picture of the game in my mind’s eye. I suppose it really is the ideal remaster.

Last Updated: February 18, 2015


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    Then someone hacked in and placed a couple of thousands of blocks of TNT


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    February 18, 2015 at 16:51

    I am officially sick of seeing things about Minecraft. I know there plenty of people who enjoy it, but im not one of them. It just plain horrible to me.


    • Lothy

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      Then who is the tool for clicking a minecraft link!? Its like shouting at the tv for all the alcohol ads, while sitting in a bar.


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        Ok I assume you a fan of Minecraft then? Thats good for you if you are and hope you always enjoy it. So Im only allowed to comment on something if I like it? Then basically that means the comment section everywhere on the net is only used for positive comments and nothing more. Freedom of speech buddy.


        • Lothy

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          no of course u can comment, no1 is stopping u. Freedom of speech is all good and well, but no1 enjoys listening to someone whine. If its plain horrible for u, why torment urself any further by commenting on it. Allow me to whip out my small violin for u.


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