The legendary cosplay of MCM London Comic Con 2015

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Ant Man

I’m neck-deep in rubber parts, straps, contact adhesive and really funky fumes as I work on my Deathstroke costume. Or D-stroke, as I’ve come to call it, merely so that I can watch people vomit when they put two and two together. As usual, it’s a costume that I’ll be wearing to the rAge expo this year, but hot damn, I wish I could hit other, international events. Like London’s MCM Comic Con. MY PEOPLE NEED ME!

Everybody’s favourite cosplay video chroniclers, Sneaky Zebra, are back in action. Here’s their latest, energetic video of what went down at that particular comic book convention:

One day, I’m going to get the rest of the Lazygamer gang to cosplay with me. ONE DAY! I’ve already suggested that Geoff and I cosplay as Jay and Silent Bob one year. After all, I’d be the perfect loud-mouthed chuckle monkey to his calm and collected self. Matty is an easy one, as he’s just one badly colour-coordinated jacket and tie combo away from being Nabeshin:


And that just leaves Zoe, Gavin and Alessandro then. Who do you reckon they should dress up as? I’m open to the idea of all of us dressing up as the members of KISS. I’ve got enough spare leotards to go around and the face paint is easy enough. ONE DAY DAMMIT!

Last Updated: June 1, 2015

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