The Lifechild Invitational – a local eSports event aimed at helping charity

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It’s quite something to see how our local eSport scene is developing. rAge alone had insanely high prize pools, something which made me incredibly happy. We’re not done for the year though, as there are still other tournaments taking place. One is the Orena Lifechild Invitational. It will not only bring together top Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams for a shot at a possible R75000+ prize pool, it will also raise funds for charity.

Here’s what Orena have to say about the event…

With your help, as a community, we will be able to provide the type of tournament that truly motivates local gamers to create a career out of competing as eSportsmen and in events hosted by Orena.

Why the Life Child Invitational? With our events and Life Child’s sheer passion for impacting the lives of young Africans, we foresee a positive change in the local community regarding Information Technology and basic knowledge of all computer related functions!

With the assistance of our selected partners and you, the gamers, we can not only change the lives of our professional e-Sportsmen, but the lives of Africans as a whole.

With half of all profits earned from ticket sales being given to Life Child, the event would be contributing to the sponsoring of over 100 children in all 3 Life Child villages across Sub Saharan Africa.

If you’re in Cape Town and would like to support the event (as well as the charity), tickets can be bought right here. It will take place at the Life Church Centre from 20-22 November. One ticket will be valid for all three days according to the site.

How do Orena plan on reaching that R75000 to award to the best teams? SteelSeries have come on board, producing 500 limited edition shirts designed by Christopher Breedt, one of Orena’s founders. Each shirt will be sold for R150, with 100% of the money going to the final prize pool. Honestly, the shirts are super rad. If you’re interested, you can purchase one right here. This is what it looks like…


On top of all this, SteelSeries have also put together R10000 worth of gear to give away in a mystery box raffle. A ticket costs R30, and each one purchased will be added to the potential R75000 prize pool. More information on the goodies in the box can be found right here.

I think this is a great idea! If I were in Cape Town, I would definitely attend. Will you be taking part?

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Last Updated: October 28, 2014

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