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The lights go out but we still play games

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Eskom collapse

Have you been faced with ridiculous load shedding? I had a bit of unexpected time without power today, and I thought I’d share my gaming insights with you. A bunch of us will be without power this weekend, at least for a few hours, so here’re some recommendations.


It’s amazing how doing dishes or taking out the rubbish becomes a more appealing job once you’re without power. I was happily packing my bag for an upcoming secret mission that will see me winging away for a few days. However, these activities are about as much fun without power as they are with, so you probably won’t do them for long before deciding to move on to bigger and better things.

Board/card games

Settlers of catan

I absolutely adore board games, and plenty of card games, too. These don’t require any electricity and can be a whole bunch of fun. My favorite board game is always Settlers of Catan, and I’m a huge fan of playing Spades (it’s kind of like Bridge but slightly easier)… but only if playing with four people. Spades between two just isn’t as much fun, and with three it’s a big old mess. Either choice is excellent, and filled with plenty of fun and strategy. Of course, these only work if you have someone to play with, so what do you do on your own?

Mobile gaming


We know this will be a time of load shedding, so I strongly recommend keeping your mobile devices fully charged. Obviously, everyone has their favorite mobile games, and we mention them often. However, here are some that don’t require any internet connection to play, and I found more enjoyable in a blackout.

First up is the omni-present Plague Inc. Nothing like killing off everyone in the world to make you feel better about sitting alone in the dark. Get your revenge!

I thoroughly enjoyed having some extra time with Kingdom Rush while the power was out – it was the ideal time to pick up those extra difficulty achievements and random levels that I hadn’t completed to 100% yet. Reinforce!

However, this time around, I found myself hooked on Peggle. Something about the music, sound effects and bouncing a ball off of pegs just made the time fly for me.

Of course, you could always just get out of the house during a blackout, but we all know that traffic turns to hell when the power dies and all the lights turn off. Best to just stay home and play games. Right? Now, here’s hoping one day they make load shedding simulator and my life will be complete in these moments.

Last Updated: January 4, 2017

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