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The long goodbye and Hello…

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Okay so yesterday I tried to subtly say goodbye and have since been blasted for not posting a proper article about it.

The reason I didn’t is that this is gaming website and not some personal vent hole, but I agree with the emails and it is possibly rude of me to not give you all the reasons for my moving to Australia.

This decision is the hardest one I have ever had in my life, I was born in the UK but am fiercely patriotic when it comes to South Africa, I love this country and I am hugely optimistic about it’s future.

I am leaving because I received a very good job offer from an ex-colleague of mine. It’s a great promotion and it offers me a chance to see more of the world which is great.

Will it be permanent? I have no idea… it’s a contract position so when the contract ends I will make my next decision.

Lazygamer.co.za is not going to be affected by this move, I am entirely dedicated to the site and to improving the gaming community of South Africa. One of my ideas is to start creating some intercontinental links between ourselves and the Ozzies to hopefully start forcing the major gaming developers and distributors to give us some more respect.

As a company we are still South African and that isn’t going to change, but I am prepared for the Ozzie jibes 😉

I am really going to miss this amazing country and I will be back on a very regular basis as I just couldn’t stay away…

If anyone has any questions feel free to drop a comment or email me personally on gavin@lazygamer.co.za

Thanks for all your support over the last year and I hope to see you all around for a long time to come.

Last Updated: May 23, 2008

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