The Mega Man FPS that you’ll never play

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Capcom’s taken to milking its history of franchises to dust, but the one title that’s inexplicably been left in the past, one that’s ripe for the picking, is Mega Man. For some reason, Capcom seems to hate Mega Man and its fans, cancelling pretty much every game featuring the blue bomber. Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune’s departure from Capcom hasn’t helped either. Here’s another binned Mega Man game, an interesting reboot that would make the series a first-person shooter.

Polygon spills the beans on Maverick Hunter, a first-person shooter that would have brought Mega Man to the modern gaming audience.

The game was reportedly being developed in 2010 by Armature Studio, a then new studio comprised of former Retro employees. While the thought of a FPS Mega Man makes me balk, the same could be said of a first person Metroid game, but the developers from Retro not only showed that to be possible in Metroid Prime, they also did a damned good job of it – and if anybody could make Mega Man a 3D FPS, it would be them

According to Polygon’s insiders, it was more of a “proof of concept build rather than something intended as the real game or even a vertical slice,” but it would have been a darker, grittier take on the platform jumping, lemon-shooting boy robot.

The game had Inafune’s blessing, but was reportedly cancelled – along with Mega Man Legends 3 and Mega Man Universe – following his departure from the company.

This reboot probably wouldn’t have been what the essentially dead franchise needs, but it would have been something at least.

The last Mega Man game to be released was the fan-made Mega Man X Street Fighter, which stuck with the series 8-bit jump-‘n-shoot roots. there’s a ton of info, screens and videos over at Polygon.

Armature Studio is now developing Batman: Arkham Origins, the third title in the commercially and critically acclaimed Batman games.

Last Updated: April 10, 2013

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