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The mental eBay prices for Nintendo’s new Majora’s Mask New 3DS XL

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I’m not ashamed to admit that my eyes grew several sizes larger when I glimpsed the Majora’s Mask edition of the upcoming New 3DS XL at the tail end of the Nintendo Direct conference last night. The handheld looks gorgeous, and will most likely be one of many unique designs that roll out this year. I’m also a slut for Nintendo hardware, but it’s not like I can afford the unit right now. Especially at these prices.

As usual, the latest bit of Nintendo hardware was sold out within minutes of it going online through various retailers. And as double-usual, scalpers were taking advantage of this. Head on over to eBay, and you’ll find a ton of listings for the MM edition of the New 3DS XL, with equally crazy prices way over the recommended retail price of $200. Here’s a quick snapshot:

Nintendo 1

Nintendo 2

$400- $1500 on average then for one of these consoles. Madness. I don’t get why people are getting such technolust either. Sure, it does look neat, but this comes down to first day buyer FOMO really. Paying double for a console that will have other versions in the near-future, is just pure crazy really. And knowing how Nintendo likes to roll out “limited editions”, I’d rather be patient than pay double.

And there’s nothing wrong  with buying a new console and hocking it for a higher price. But it certainly is as scummy as can be and something I wish we could see a lot less of. The New 3DS XL is out on February 13 in the USA and UK. It should be out locally, around a similar time frame. The vanilla editions will sport black and red colour schemes.

Last Updated: January 15, 2015

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