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The Most Innovative Gaming Technology from CES 2022

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The 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas was not a bore as the greatest and brightest creators had been working with no distractions, all thanks to the pandemic. It’s no surprise that some of the best innovations seem to have an element of making the new normal more comfortable. But we cannot deny that the entire idea of CES is more about floating ideas and seeing what the customers will want as well as gaining some good advertising by making the flashiest, sometimes most bizarre products. Here is a highlight of some of the most interesting ideas that we are likely to see on the Electronic Express shelves or on Offermate.us.

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Home Devices

As far as home devices were concerned, Samsung seemed to have a hold on the crowd as they had some pretty exciting devices, including new televisions and monitors like the Odyssey Neo G8, which can run 4K 240Hz gaming. Plus, the Odyssey Ark turns sideways to allow an immersive and different approach to gameplay. Samsung also announced an eco-remote, according to cnet.com, that can be powered off radio waves which is a big step up from last year’s solar-powered demo. As if that’s not enough, they will be integrating a Gaming Hub with their 2022 smart TVs, making GeForce Now and Google Stadia available for more users. All will be powered with better QD OLED technology.


Despite the global shortage of microchips, it’s great that there was such a large variety of new gadgets and that chipmakers are also making notable advances. Big chip manufacturers had their latest and greatest on show: Intel’s 12th Gen Alder-Lake chips and AMD’s Ryzen 7000 desktop chips, flanked by the 6000 series for laptops that are set to rival the Mac M1 chips, according to PCMag.


CyberPower PC showed a new series of “kinetic” PC desktop cases, which are basically designed to let air flow in and out of the PC in an intelligent way that auto-adjusts in accordance with the environment and the internal conditions. The gaming PC case does this with the help of 18 ‘future-looking’ valves that are based on the algorithms.

Img Source – cyberpowerpc on Instagram


2022 is going to be a great year for laptops as the hardware to match those better chipsets is also advancing. MSI’s new liquid-cooled devices, Dell XPS 13+ & Thinkpad z -series have all been head turners. However, they were not as phenomenal as the Asus Zenbook 17-inch Folding-Screen OLED Laptop, which had a huge folding screen that can be outfitted with a keyboard and dock to make it look like a conventional laptop if need be.


Alienware won the award for the most complicated solution with the Project Nyx concept, which is basically an innovative home server. As such, a house full of players could use the black box to better stream games onto their devices simultaneously. But remember, it’s still a concept.


The star of the show was the BMW i-X Flow which is said to be the first color-changing car that uses e-ink. Despite the applications being limited, this was an excellent way for BMW to flex their muscles and keep our eyes open for what is to come.

Image from Instagram by @bmwi

Health and Fitness  

There were a few notable devices in the interest of Health and Wellness, but the most interesting one has to be the Withings Body scanner which looks more like a bathroom scale but has the added functionality of reading ECG, nerve activity, heart patterns.

Image by @prylportalen on Instagram

This is only a small list, but it’s great to see that some of these devices are already available on the market, and we can only keep our eyes open to make sure we pick up whatever makes the quality of life better, especially in times like these.

Last Updated: February 25, 2022

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