The MSSA is still proving its incompetence

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It’s been a while since we covered any of the MSSA’s attempts at being an organisation and that is mainly because they really are rather incompetent and there are only so many times you can point it out before you start feeling bad.

But a brand new press release has arrived from them this morning that has some oddities in it that I wanted to get clarification on.

However the president, Simphiwe Maphumulo, has instructed me not to contact him. Their general secretary, Colin Webster, is pushing ahead with a legal case against me and their legal counsel, Carl Holliday, has not confirmed whether he is still going to pursue his legal case against me. So I’m left with absolutely no one to ask.

So I thought I’d put it to you, the public, to explain some of these inconsistencies.

The press release is regarding the recent Mpumalanga championships; played last weekend, they were attended by more players than ever before. However the press release didn’t actually state how many players arrived so four could be more than three or there could have been thousands.

But I’m going to go with there being another poor turnout as the secretary uses flowery language such as

“There was no less than a seven fold increase in the number of females competing with more females playing the game of Tekken Tag Tournament II© than males.”

Seven fold hey, wow that must be tens of girls… though I bet it was far less than 50 as a conservative guess. Not to mention the fact that since there were more girls than guys sounds good when you are trying to PR your equal opportunity options but in reality we all know that’s pretty pathetic in an industry that is well known to be horribly male dominated.

A direct question

I’d like to know from the MSSA how many people in total attended these championships. Click this handy twitter button to ask them yourselves.

In total there were six member clubs from two provinces contesting the Mpumalanga championships. I’ll let that sink in. It’s a specific province’s championships and yet clubs from multiple provinces arrived to contest with the leading club being the Tuks University club – from Gauteng – dominating.

But hey let’s rather move onto the results which were incredibly varied. The entire PR is at the bottom for those who care but here’s a few special mentions.

Oh before we begin, congratulations to the new president for actually showing up at an event and proving you aren’t the puppet president I presumed you were… oh no wait you showed up to participate in the tournament… never mind then.

Rather let’s say congratulations to Simphiwe Maphumulo for winning the Morabaraba tournament on the male side.

In the Call of Duty comp we have no idea how many people entered but we can say that the three winners haven’t been heard of in any of the other tournaments in SA so congrats I guess to Electra, Ash Meltdown and TFR for doing so well.

But really let’s get to the interesting part. Congratulations to the two female StarCraft 2 players Nadia Nasson and Zanele Kanye who managed to tie first… I kid you not somehow the MSSA managed to get a tie for first place in female StarCraft 2. Insert offensive joke about women having no sense of direction and not being able to find their opponent in the game here. I mean seriously how do you tie a game of StarCraft 2?

But thankfully the incompetence doesn’t only land on the side of the lovely ladies with two males, Legend Muir and Andrè Potgieter, managing to pull out a truly impressive tie in their Tekken Tag Tournament league. For yet another tied first place.

I truly would love to know how this managed to happen. Now I know it’s technically possible to tie a Tekken game, but it takes a mammoth amount of effort and normally an agreement to not hit each other. How in a supposed professional setup has this happened?

In closing we here at Lazygamer would love to appeal to a sponsor out there to provide the MSSA with a semi-decent camera as well as some photography lessons so that the quality of the official images could raise above this amateur nonsense.


Though I do love this one of the president dominating against his opposition in his game of choice.


The full PR follows

Once again HTS Witbank hosted the MSSA’s MWEB Mpumalanga Championships. The Championships were played on the weekend on 24 & 25 May 2014 and experienced
solid growth among all sectors. Not only was there a general increase in the number of gamers present, and the number of games that were played, but there too was an increase in the number of female competitors. There was no less than a seven fold increase in the number of females competing with  more females playing the game of Tekken Tag Tournament II© than males. Obviously the emphasis that the MSSA is putting on the development of females in gaming is starting to bear fruit. It is hoped that the 2015 championships will see even more female gamers especially now that the MSSA makes provision (in accordance with IeSF rules) to hold competitions in all titles for both female and male teams and/or players.
However the growth in the number of gamers at the championships would not have been possible without the herculean efforts of Morizane Boyes, Bianca Henning, and Louis Brown.
The support being given by the schools is proving to be the back-bone of the MSSA  and is the most important part of the MSSA’s development programmes.

The support given by MWEB again proved to be invaluable to the MSSA, and as a result of such support members were able to enjoy the benefits of participating in an official LAN championship. It is through the official championships that gamers are able to qualify for colours and for national team trials. In other words, the official championships form part of a year year  long qualification process for gamers to  prove their worth in order to be selected to finally, and officially, represent South Africa in international competition.
Six member clubs from two provinces contested the championships.
At the championships, the Tuks Mindsport Club again dominated the League of Legends and Dota 2 events. However, the rest of the events were divided up among the Mpumalanga based clubs.
Special mention must be made of Kyle Turnbull who pulled out a surprise win over veteran Abubakar ‘Mikkael’ Ebrahiem at the 2013 MWEB Mpumalanga Championships. Kyle went on to further cement his dominance in the game of FIFA ’14© by trouncing all opponents at the 2013 MWEB SA National Championships. Kyle confirmed his mastery of the game at the Mpumalanga Championships by once again winning all of his games at the Provincial Championships to automatically earn himself Provincial Colours.
Nadine Swart also deserves special mention. The diminutive Nadine totally dominated the game of Tekken Tag tournament II©. Her standard of play was indeed most impressive and Nadine lead the championship from start to finish. In fact, there are many of the MSSA officials who strongly believe that Nadine may just have a chance of earning herself a place in the 2014 Protea Team that will go to Baku, Azerbijan in November this year.
Only time will tell!

[Results removed as they wouldn’t format nicely]

In total, 29 gamers earned the right to wear Provincial Colours. A further 10 students were awarded Student provincial Colours and 12 learners were awarded High School Provincial Colours. All those that were awarded the various Provincial Colours were immediately given both their certificates and a high quality 195gsm golf shirt to indicate that they had received such colours.
The MWEB championships too saw a total of 95 gamers qualify for National Team Trials. With so many gamers qualifying for trials, there is no doubt that the MSSA will have sufficient teams in order to select teams to represent South Africa.
Photographs can be found on

Issued by:

Colin Webster
General Secretary
Mind Sports South Africa

Last Updated: May 29, 2014

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Admiral Chief in Space

    I’m not even going to read about this, I’m afraid I might decapitate myself with a self inflicted uber facepalm

  • Jedi JJ

    This looks like a missionary event more than anything else.

    • Mossel

      lol agreed! It reminds me of the time I did math and science tutoring in Kayamandi for charity.

    • Rags


  • Willem Van Wyk

    Yeah, uhmmm…. yeah.

  • According to wiki, you can tie, not sure how/if this happens during tourney events

    Draws in fighting games are not really that uncommon though, I’m surprised it doesn’t go into sudden death…tied for first is kinda lame

    • ToshZA

      The question is how do you tie in Starcraft 2?

      • Sageville

        You don’t finish the game before the cleaners start bumping your chair with the vacuum cleaner. “Fuck it, lets call it a draw…”

        • ToshZA


      • Kromas

        Both run out of resources and get stuck in areas where they can not move off of. Unless you are Terran it can and does happen.

        • Weanerdog

          I think that Sageville is probably closer to the truth, both probably turtled and never went to find the other.

      • Nathan Timothy Anderson

        In MSSA tourneys you play 2 games vs your opponent instead of the usual Bo3 which is why a tie is possible.

        • ToshZA

          Thank you, that explains it perfectly.

          Saying that, should they not do a BO3 format instead, to avoid any possible ties?

        • Ye because fuck the normal 3 system to avoid ties. This is just an “everyone gets a medal” situation.

    • like I said, it’s technically possible.. but really?

      • Yup….lol…….I understand…Everyone’s a winner Gav, it’s coddling time

  • What the actual fuck? I mean really? Our country is a fucking mess due to people who can’t even organize music for a dance off. And now the only real sport/competition we have in this mess we call South Africa… is also run by people with the same mentality. Congrats, the last fuck I gave for what ever is left here just escaped my hands.

  • MakeItLegal

    I tweeted …

    • Unavengedavo

      I hope you washed your hands afterwards O_o

      • Mossel

        You have this unrivaled ability to make everything sound dirty and frowned upon! You have a gift, son.

      • MakeItLegal

        Only “3” people showed up …

        ( depends on whose counting )

  • Lag_Beast

    I wish the MSSA would just give up already. LEAVE OUR F%#@ing SPORT ALONE ! Idiots… just maddens me to the point of such intense anger that i want to burn buildings ! Now i understand why people set sh$t on fire in this country.

  • Kromas

    Let the tweets flow through you young Skywalker!

  • Unavengedavo

    I… I… I’ll rather go have a bulletproof coffee than even try and contemplate how this is still allowed to go on. An not even to mention how MWEB still has their name attached to this

    • Sageville

      Bulletproof coffee, who knew it was even a thing… I learnt something today!

    • Kromas

      Haha … someone listens to highveld in the mornings. 🙂

      • Unavengedavo

        Worse, I follow Zoe and Darryn on twitter O_o

        • Kromas

          I pretty much only use twitter to follow BI devs and the BI DayZ twitter account.

        • ToshZA

          I love watching the to and fro between Darryn and Rince on twitter. Then you just come in, and zing them both, so smoothly.

  • RinceofFuturePast

    That’s a PRESS RELEASE? Looks like it was written by a person who speaks English as their 15th language. The other 14 being martian.

    • Unavengedavo

      Maybe it was written in ‘Merican O_o

      • RinceofFuturePast


        • ToshZA


          • RinceofFuturePast


    • Mossel

      There are 14 different martian dialects?!
      The more you know!

      • Jedi JJ

        Haha. I think the proper person to speak to about this is Alien Emperor

    • Hammersteyn

      I would have thought this was done on a piece of paper with crayons

  • Start a new one!

    While there may be a few errors and they may not have used a great photo…this smacks of vendetta. I would agree that it seems the MSSA needs improvement, but constant attacks aren’t going to help them either. Perhaps you could focus your attention on starting your own association (maybe you have, I wouldn’t know) and then worry about that instead of moaning all the time.

    • Unavengedavo

      I think it would have been written differently if they were allowed to request a right of reply. But all they have is what’s in the public domain

    • RinceofFuturePast

      Sadly, can’t start own association. This is government backed.

      • Grant [_G_] Hancock

        Was about to say that

    • Phil van Staden

      @ Start – Is that you Colin?

    • Start a new one!

      Ya I’m sure there are lots of hurdles, but there is a big community behind this site and others who would like a well-run association. If everyone follows the (so far, imaginary!) new association, then eventually they will have to stop and pay attention. In the end its about the sport itself. Sponsors in particular are more worried about the gamers than the government…and we all know $ runs the government 😛

      • RinceofFuturePast

        Mweb doesn’t seem to mind, they are getting flamed yet still sponsor MSSA…

        • Skyblue

          Screw MWEB, the MSSA and everyone who actually has the lack of common sense to sponsor/endorse their practices. Although you could argue that leading by example they are the ANC in our prefferred service/hobbie/country and just keep getting the “default” vote.

        • Skyblue

          And THIS… 1000 upvotes

    • I don’t want to have my own association, I would like the MSSA to stop being a disgrace to local gamers..

      Instead of thinking this is a petty vendetta why not try answer how they tied in Starcraft and Tekken.. incompetence is one thing but that’s an entirely new level

      • RinceofFuturePast

        Dik. Obveasss Starken!

      • Start a new one!

        A tie never killed anyone. Unless of course it was a neck-tie, those kill plenty!

        • Sk3tz0

          Cuban Neck Tie Esse!!

        • Weanerdog

          The point of the game was to kill the other side, hence a tie killed the point.

          • Granny May

            a neck-tie killed the point? you make no sense

          • Weanerdog

            Yes a neck tie, and I make no sense.

    • Johan du Preez

      Colin if you dont like facts being stated then get the fuck out ….

  • Sageville

    Are there any Non-MSSA – Non-SAColours-winners – Non-gagged attendees who can comment on what actually happened at the event?

    • ToshZA

      They probably don’t read this site, tbh.

      • RinceofFuturePast

        *Probably aren’t allowed to* Fixed 😉

      • noxville

        Some of them think the MSSA is genuinely the best thing in the world.

        • ToshZA

          Well that’s likely due to not keeping current with the gaming industry. Not reading sites like this can hurt one’s potential. I’m making assumptions and speculations here, but bare in mind I can’t get into their heads so for now this is all I have. 🙂

  • Ottokie

    At the end of this year it seems almost all competitors will have SA colours….

    • Weanerdog

      All five of them

    • RinceofFuturePast

      Winner 😉

    • Yo brudda, this is rather terrible. I was hoping I’d get a whale…

      On a completely different note, Ottokie: Is the lazygamer minecraft server still up and running?

      • Ottokie

        Yes, as far as i know it’s still online and updated to the new patch.

  • Weanerdog

    You forgot to insert sexist comment about the Teken men winners not asking for directions.

  • Weanerdog

    I think that you all fail to understand the difficulty in organising events like these. I mean you forget to ensure that there is electricity laid on and suddenly everyone is on your back for having all the competitors tie for first. I mean really you don’t need electricity for table top board games and such.

    • ToshZA

      I still love seeing the president’s, challenging, competition.

      • Weanerdog

        That is actually a good shot composition wise, if you ignore the messy background. It shows the president mentoring a youth. It could have actually been used for some good PR if it was in focus and not shot on a 10 year old camera phone. It actually just shows what a small time organisation the MSSA is and the fact that they are so over their head when it comes to gaming. They may have the best intentions but they are so out of their depth. Their background is fringe games played by a hand full of people. You can’t blame them because their numbers and consequent income must be hugely improved by having digital gaming as part of their makeup, but they sure are making a bit of a mockery of it.

      • Johan du Preez

        ROFL ! I thought I am the only one that noticed it.

  • Please somebody compete against this organisation. And dont say SAESA they still dont have a site. I’m thinking of starting a site up. Maybe garnish some interest and then register as an official organisation.

  • Sentient_Slug

    I have to admit I do struggle through these articles because I cannot shake the thought that they are written from the side of intense and unwavering bias. I’m not saying its untrue, and Gavin is a true champ of our time… but I cant help but hunger for a neutral view on all this, its just beginning to seem just that little bit too personal. Am I an Asshole? iI just dont know anymore…..

    • Start a new one!


    • ToshZA

      Or are you thinking that he’s only writing these because of the legal case? Personally, I feel its good for us to know what’s happening with what is meant to be an official government organisation. The main problem is that there are LAN’s held every month with more organisation and more prestige than these tournaments appear to have. It really is embarrassing for the gamers who do take this seriously.

    • this article is not unbiased.. you can only be unbased against blatant incompetence for so long.. now it’s just a random article to show how patheticly things are still being run.

      And so the champ knows that not even a court case will stop me reporting on the idiocy that is the MSSA

      • Sentient_Slug

        Yes for sure, I have to agree, they seem to suck a lot, I’m definitely not disputing that. I just think they should be ignored (although its probably too late for that). why are they relevant. cant we forget them and just continue to attend non-government run events? or is everyone HONESTLY hell bent on getting their springbok colours in F’ing call of duty?

      • Brady miaau

        I am not so sure. I do not care to go into specifics, but in several places the wording is chosen to make the “other” side look silly.

        In my opinion, not required, a balanced article, stating the facts, would have achieved the same result.

    • Johan du Preez

      Yeh I agree but the Mweb articles is biased towards MSSA again.

  • Rags

    “The MWEB championships too saw a total of 95 gamers qualify for National Team Trials. ”

    Fucking RUN!

  • Kensei Seraph

    A seven fold increase in female attendees means that the number of females increased by y*7 where y is the number of females at the previous event.
    Of course females includes everyone with an XX chromosome regardless of age.

    It also doesn’t specify the distribution of said females.
    For all we know they were all between 4 and 6 years and were playing Candyland or something.

  • randomdrugsearch

    will never go to MWEB while they still sponsor this joke.

  • Shase

    They didn’t tie in the games, they tied in score. MSSA has this retarded system of playing Bo2 matches. This means if there are 2 female sc2 players total(seems most likely) and they each win a game, they both tie for 1st.

    When I was at the Gauteng provincials a year or 2 ago, I tied with Skiblet 1-1 in our sc2 match. Other than him and myself as masters players, all other players were bronze. The way the scoring system worked, we each faced different opponents, and his opponents mostly beat my opponents, so his bronzies were better than my bronzies, thus his secondary points were higher and he was awarded 1st place in the tourney, R1500 to my R500 for second. Luckily for me we realized how retarded this system was before hand and agreed to split the money evenly regardless.

    But basically thats how players tie, since MSSA believes in BO2 rather than BO3, then if points are tied, move to the points of the players they beat.

    The MSSA is completely incompetent at running high level competitive gaming events, governments money and Mwebs money should be spent elsewhere.

    • Shase

      Oh I’d like to add: Skiblet and Static went to the nationals event last year to determine who would go overseas. They played a BO4 and each player won 2 matches, so it was up to MSSA to determine who deserved to go. Skiblet had a year or 2 of achievements more than Static in various tournaments, was ranked higher on ladder and had beaten static more in practice games as far as I know. MSSA chose Static, and it pretty much crushed Skiblet, I know how amped he was to go overseas. Even Static said Skiblet deserved it. But praise be to MSSA, what laugh.

      Ok thats my MSSA rant over for the year.

    • Thanks for clearing that up, at least that makes some sort of logical sense.. well not really but you know what I mean.

      So instead of having the two top players play each other they decide to give them both first.. makes absolutely no sense

    • Skyblue

      W…T…F…!?!?! You hit the nail on the head there bud, “retarded” is the ONLY way to describe that system.

  • Johan du Preez

    Whahaha so Simphiwe Maphumulo won against a 5 year old. I love MSSA articles its really funny how they try so hard but fail just as hard.

    They might as well include monopoly ….

  • Gareth L (That eXCheez Guy)

    Good lord.

  • Stefan

    Has the editor gone on strike at Lazygamer? So many typos. It looks very unprofessional guys.

    ” you can make point it out before you start feeling bad”
    “I’d like to know from the MSSA how many people in total attended these championships” – direct question but no question mark…

    I could pick a dozen more out but then I will get attacked for being a grammar nazi, which admittedly I am.

    I can’t take this site seriously with so many simple typos and errors that should be picked up by someone just giving it a second glance over before posting.

    • In defence of my editor he had to heavily edit the article to ensure I don’t get sued again.. I think he was more worried about that than normal typos.. but thank you for raising this.. we will contnue to try and improve

  • Brian Murphy

    Those are official pictures? Really? I seriously woke up about 20 minutes ago (pre-coffee), noticed some dew had collected on the leaf of a Hosta I planted last fall and….:

    Suck it, MSSA 😉

  • Guest

    Yall remember the chick that posted she wants 4 girls to go for a free overseas trip (no matter how shit they are?)

  • Yall remember the chick that posted she wants 4 girls to go for a free overseas trip (no matter how shit they are?) well she is kinda dumb when it comes to posting before she thinks

    • Hammersteyn

      Foot and mouth disease

  • Mark Treloar

    Did anyone think to ask why the President Simphiwe Maphumulo hailing from KZN is participating and winning medals in other Provinces Nationals?

    • Sir Rants A Lot Llew. Jelly!!!

      More to the point, is it actually allowed for the president of the MSSA to actually participate in an event created and organised by the MSSA?

  • ThatManVan

    I’m tired of these articles….

  • Toodles

    Headline should read “Lazygamer is still proving it’s grudge”.
    Honestly who actually gives a flying fuck about the MSSA and their ongoings besides Gavin and like 20 vocal guys who comment here?? So over this days of our lives shit.

    • Brian Murphy

      Interesting. A strange tactic to click on a link to something you’re so over, and to comment on the article no less. Quite strange, indeed.

      • Toodles

        Next time you stub your toe, don’t say a word or react in anyway… see how that works for you.

        • Brian Murphy

          It’s doable, actually. I’ve done it before. Though, I have to say the process of reading and clicking a link is quite a bit different than stubbing one’s toe. You usually don’t intentionally stub your toe, I mean, you might…but it’s not something I do.

          • Toodles

            Well done, you have successfully defeated me by playing the old “you cared enough to comment” card… how incredibly clever of you.

          • Brian Murphy

            Doesn’t take much to outwit someone who openly contradicts themselves in consecutive sentences.

          • Toodles

            Feel better about yourself yet? Good, now go away.

          • Brian Murphy

            Why would I go away? This subject interests me as an outside observer. Shouldn’t you be the one departing, since…you know, you’re so over it?

    • According to someone at the MSSA these articles make up the majority of our hits :)..

      In actualality they are quite low on the list but since the MSSA is the leading eSports organisation (according to the government) it is our duty to cover them.

    • Charl van der Merwe

      You are the type to abstain from voting because there is no point? Get a clue.

  • WhiteRock

    So I assume the Tekken Tournament was done Afrikaner style – “hou vir ‘n hou” – but they could only count to ten?

  • zeal

    Not surprised that Mweb decided to attach their name to a shitty event.

    But anyway, with respect to your article: You should leave the players’ names out of it. Name and shame the MSSA, not the players hoping to get something out of a doomed event. While not directly “shaming” the players, you did make a mockery of their “achievement”.

    • I definitely don’t see it as shaming them, they came first. If they don’t like the idea that I find it hilarious that they tied then they should possibly rethink their MSSA affiliation.

      But again, winning something isn’t ever a bad thing

  • Verrayne

    I just want them to give evidence on this statement on their website:

    “Through the MSSA’s policy of starting clubs at schools and universities, the MSSA has been able to assist financially disadvantaged players to study further. There is no doubt whatsoever that the mind-sports that we promote encourage a culture of learning among our players.”

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