The MSSA is still proving its incompetence

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It’s been a while since we covered any of the MSSA’s attempts at being an organisation and that is mainly because they really are rather incompetent and there are only so many times you can point it out before you start feeling bad.

But a brand new press release has arrived from them this morning that has some oddities in it that I wanted to get clarification on.

However the president, Simphiwe Maphumulo, has instructed me not to contact him. Their general secretary, Colin Webster, is pushing ahead with a legal case against me and their legal counsel, Carl Holliday, has not confirmed whether he is still going to pursue his legal case against me. So I’m left with absolutely no one to ask.

So I thought I’d put it to you, the public, to explain some of these inconsistencies.

The press release is regarding the recent Mpumalanga championships; played last weekend, they were attended by more players than ever before. However the press release didn’t actually state how many players arrived so four could be more than three or there could have been thousands.

But I’m going to go with there being another poor turnout as the secretary uses flowery language such as

“There was no less than a seven fold increase in the number of females competing with more females playing the game of Tekken Tag Tournament II© than males.”

Seven fold hey, wow that must be tens of girls… though I bet it was far less than 50 as a conservative guess. Not to mention the fact that since there were more girls than guys sounds good when you are trying to PR your equal opportunity options but in reality we all know that’s pretty pathetic in an industry that is well known to be horribly male dominated.

A direct question

I’d like to know from the MSSA how many people in total attended these championships. Click this handy twitter button to ask them yourselves.

In total there were six member clubs from two provinces contesting the Mpumalanga championships. I’ll let that sink in. It’s a specific province’s championships and yet clubs from multiple provinces arrived to contest with the leading club being the Tuks University club – from Gauteng – dominating.

But hey let’s rather move onto the results which were incredibly varied. The entire PR is at the bottom for those who care but here’s a few special mentions.

Oh before we begin, congratulations to the new president for actually showing up at an event and proving you aren’t the puppet president I presumed you were… oh no wait you showed up to participate in the tournament… never mind then.

Rather let’s say congratulations to Simphiwe Maphumulo for winning the Morabaraba tournament on the male side.

In the Call of Duty comp we have no idea how many people entered but we can say that the three winners haven’t been heard of in any of the other tournaments in SA so congrats I guess to Electra, Ash Meltdown and TFR for doing so well.

But really let’s get to the interesting part. Congratulations to the two female StarCraft 2 players Nadia Nasson and Zanele Kanye who managed to tie first… I kid you not somehow the MSSA managed to get a tie for first place in female StarCraft 2. Insert offensive joke about women having no sense of direction and not being able to find their opponent in the game here. I mean seriously how do you tie a game of StarCraft 2?

But thankfully the incompetence doesn’t only land on the side of the lovely ladies with two males, Legend Muir and Andrè Potgieter, managing to pull out a truly impressive tie in their Tekken Tag Tournament league. For yet another tied first place.

I truly would love to know how this managed to happen. Now I know it’s technically possible to tie a Tekken game, but it takes a mammoth amount of effort and normally an agreement to not hit each other. How in a supposed professional setup has this happened?

In closing we here at Lazygamer would love to appeal to a sponsor out there to provide the MSSA with a semi-decent camera as well as some photography lessons so that the quality of the official images could raise above this amateur nonsense.

Though I do love this one of the president dominating against his opposition in his game of choice.


The full PR follows

Once again HTS Witbank hosted the MSSA’s MWEB Mpumalanga Championships. The Championships were played on the weekend on 24 & 25 May 2014 and experienced
solid growth among all sectors. Not only was there a general increase in the number of gamers present, and the number of games that were played, but there too was an increase in the number of female competitors. There was no less than a seven fold increase in the number of females competing with  more females playing the game of Tekken Tag Tournament II© than males. Obviously the emphasis that the MSSA is putting on the development of females in gaming is starting to bear fruit. It is hoped that the 2015 championships will see even more female gamers especially now that the MSSA makes provision (in accordance with IeSF rules) to hold competitions in all titles for both female and male teams and/or players.
However the growth in the number of gamers at the championships would not have been possible without the herculean efforts of Morizane Boyes, Bianca Henning, and Louis Brown.
The support being given by the schools is proving to be the back-bone of the MSSA  and is the most important part of the MSSA’s development programmes.

The support given by MWEB again proved to be invaluable to the MSSA, and as a result of such support members were able to enjoy the benefits of participating in an official LAN championship. It is through the official championships that gamers are able to qualify for colours and for national team trials. In other words, the official championships form part of a year year  long qualification process for gamers to  prove their worth in order to be selected to finally, and officially, represent South Africa in international competition.
Six member clubs from two provinces contested the championships.
At the championships, the Tuks Mindsport Club again dominated the League of Legends and Dota 2 events. However, the rest of the events were divided up among the Mpumalanga based clubs.
Special mention must be made of Kyle Turnbull who pulled out a surprise win over veteran Abubakar ‘Mikkael’ Ebrahiem at the 2013 MWEB Mpumalanga Championships. Kyle went on to further cement his dominance in the game of FIFA ’14© by trouncing all opponents at the 2013 MWEB SA National Championships. Kyle confirmed his mastery of the game at the Mpumalanga Championships by once again winning all of his games at the Provincial Championships to automatically earn himself Provincial Colours.
Nadine Swart also deserves special mention. The diminutive Nadine totally dominated the game of Tekken Tag tournament II©. Her standard of play was indeed most impressive and Nadine lead the championship from start to finish. In fact, there are many of the MSSA officials who strongly believe that Nadine may just have a chance of earning herself a place in the 2014 Protea Team that will go to Baku, Azerbijan in November this year.
Only time will tell!

[Results removed as they wouldn’t format nicely]

In total, 29 gamers earned the right to wear Provincial Colours. A further 10 students were awarded Student provincial Colours and 12 learners were awarded High School Provincial Colours. All those that were awarded the various Provincial Colours were immediately given both their certificates and a high quality 195gsm golf shirt to indicate that they had received such colours.
The MWEB championships too saw a total of 95 gamers qualify for National Team Trials. With so many gamers qualifying for trials, there is no doubt that the MSSA will have sufficient teams in order to select teams to represent South Africa.
Photographs can be found on

Issued by:

Colin Webster
General Secretary
Mind Sports South Africa

Last Updated: May 29, 2014

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