The Mythbusters are taking on Doom and other video game myths

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Over the years, I’ve seen many shows debut and disappear from TV. But Mythbusters may just be one of the more enduring series to ever hit the airwaves. Love it or hate it, I’ve always dug the scientific approach of the show towards testing myths, then throwing all that research out the window to make a massive explosion.  James Bond, MacGuyver and yo momma have all been given the Mythbuster treatment. And now, video games are going to get a taste of Savage and Hyneman.

Mythbusters will be shining a spotlight on Doom in their next episode, as they tackle the legend of infinite pockets. “Is it possible for someone to lug around a half-dozen guns, grenades, a chainsaw and a bunch of health packs, while also fending off demons from Hell (or their closest equivalent)?” the show asks. I say yes it is, because I’ve seen how well prepared the Brakpan boy scouts are. Here’s a teaser of the upcoming show:

Using Doom 3 as a template for the myth, Mythbuster hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman will be joined by id Software’s creative director Tim Willits for the episode, with the Bethesda blog adding that Willits will help the team “recreate a Doom level in real life.” I’ve done some mythbusting of my own, and I can scientifically confirm that trying to shove a white cube with a red cross on it into a lethal wound, will not heal any massive injuries. I was going to try and shove a plate of freshly-grilled turkey into my patient, but even our national health system has limits.

Last Updated: January 26, 2015

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