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The Naruto manga isn’t completely finished just yet…

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If you were in tears yesterday, that’s most likely a completely rational response to stepping on a Lego block. Alternatively, it could also be because after 15 years, the Naruto manga has finally ended. Or has it? Well, sort of yes and no.

700 chapters is a hell of a long run for any manga, but there will be more Naruto in the new year. As the latest issue of Shonen Jump revealed, a new side story will be published next year that chronicles the rise of Naruto’s master, Hatake Kakashi as the sixth Hokage. Here’s the scanlated announcement, from Mangastream:



And there’s more! A new Naruto movie is also on the way, which looks it may very well be the final appearance of the maverick ninja after the events of the Shippudden era. It’s called The Last: Naruto The Movie. Here’s the trailer:

And some official character designs of the Naruto, his family and friends following the gap between the manga and the film, via Kotaku:

Naruto (1)

Naruto (2)

Naruto (3)

Naruto (4)

Man, it was bittersweet reading those final chapters yesterday. I’ve been rushing to my PC every release day for years to read up the newest weekly chapter. And I genuinely felt a lump in my throat when I was done reading. Fortunately, some new content is on the way at least. That, and I’ll fill the ninja void in my soul with another manga in time.

Last Updated: November 7, 2014

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