A new PS Vita is on the way, just in time for all those folks who just bought one to get pretty hacked off. It’s going to be sporting a few new bits of hardware. Like an LCD screen to replace the OLED screen on the current model. Here’s a comparison of the two.

The Vita pulling a Cremora ad (It’s on top!) sports the old school OLED, while the bottom, newer Vita has LCD. Looks a bit green to me. Hiro 1998 uploaded the following photos on Twitter, showcasing the two consoles:

VITA Screens (2)

VITA Screens (1)

Personally, I think the older screen is better on the eyes. OLED just looks sharper, more colourful to me, even if it is a bit hard to see. But to me, that little difference is a make or break point in selling the console. Speaking to Nikkei, Sony’s Andrew House explained why the Vita made a screen change:

The main reason is that the LCD panel can now realize an image as high quality as that of the OLED panel.”

House also said that an LCD screen made it easier to take some junk out of the trunk of the Vita.

Spatial reasons? I can believe that. Quality though? I ain’t buying it. And of course, it doesn’t hurt to mention that LCD screens are cheaper than OLED ones.

Last Updated: September 12, 2013

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