The new DLC for Battlefield 4 should be free

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Find your Battlefield 4 experience is getting a tad stale? Don’t worry, just yesterday, Dice confirmed that more DLC is on the way. That should make your game brand spanking new! What they didn’t say though was whether the new content would cost you hard earned money or not. Nothing in this world is free (especially with EA), right?

A fan sent a tweet to David Sirland, Producer at DICE, and his response says otherwise.

Excuse me while I rub my eyes here. DICE (and by extension, EA) giving away content for free? Impossible! So the producer thinks the DLC should cost zilch. That doesn’t mean it’ll be the case…

Well ok, maybe it does. Granted, we don’t know what the new content will be yet, but whether it’s brand new modes or weapons, or even just classic maps from previous titles being ported over, it’s nice of them to offer it for free regardless.

In fact, it’s basically guaranteed that we will see certain maps from previous titles given new life (via Battlelog).

We’re aware of – and humbled by – the many requests of re-creating classic Battlefield maps within the Battlefield 4 universe. Now we have a question for you: if a reimagining of a Battlefield classic map was to happen, which map would that be?

Well, what do you want from them? Place your vote right here.

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Do you think we’ll be getting more than just classic maps? Are you happy that DICE are slapping on a price tag of zero with this DLC?

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Last Updated: December 11, 2014

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