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The new Lazygamer.net intern is…

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Yes the genius brains behind Lazygamer.net have finally chosen a worthy champion in the all out battle to be the next intern to be abused and harassed at Lazygamer.net. The champion was possibly chosen by throwing darts at Darryn’s head.

First up though before we announce the final winner I’d like to give a few applicants a special mention for effort and all-round great quality of their applications.

The following three people made it into the final round of judging and it was a really tough call.

First up we have The Red Tie Guy who showcased his excellent video editing skills with this video and who is already doing great things on YouTube, make sure you follow him here.

The next honourable mention goes to Rory who put forward this video as part of his application along with a whole slew of information and details. Rory’s got a degree in Motion Picture Performance which would have been really handy and his resume is great.

Here he reviews Wolfenstein with a rock solid video review, nicely done.

Our third and final great contender was Bianca who put together an intern website for her application and made what we all considered to be the very best stop-motion video. Every one of us here loves this video so much that we want to try and replicate it as our new pre-roll for videos. It’s just that damned good.

But in the end there can only be one winner and the winner this time is someone who isn’t actually a stranger to the team or the readers.

Matty Fig put forward his application with this ever so cute cat film to showcase his film editing ability.

Obviously, this isn’t the best of the videos we received, and the film wasn’t the sole reason for Matty to be hired; accompanying the video was a rather extensive collection of written work. This is important for everyone out there trying to get into the industry.

Matthew has consistently been available to help the team out at a moment’s notice and has done so out of his love for gaming and his desire to work in the industry. The very best way to get into the videogame industry is to put yourself forward to work; not only to review games but to do the midnight slogs through exhibition events and to be reliable.

We hope to run events like this on a regular basis moving forward as we are all true gamers and we know how much it would mean to all of you to get to E3 or Gamescom and we’d love to help make that happen. I’d like to thank everyone who applied and sorry if you didn’t make it into the top 3. Please don’t get despondent or  give up and if you want to make it then just keep trying.

To the 3 who nearly made it, I honestly started trying to find more money to send more interns as you were all great. Keep at it and hopefully we’ll be drinking beer in Germany together next year.

Last Updated: June 26, 2014

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