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The new Resident Evil, Operation Raccoon City gets teased

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The newest game in the prolific Resident Evil series was revealed recently; and, discounting the action oriented Resident Evil 5,  it looks to be quite a departure from the usual slower-paced scares you’d expect. Developed by SOCOM developer Slant Six Games, Resident Evil : Operation Raccoon City is a four player, squad based shooter. 4 Player zombie shooter? Sounds an awful lot like Left 4 Dead, doesn’t it? Capcom’s released a teaser trailer for the game, so now you can see that looks a heck of a lot like Left 4 Dead too.

The game differentiates itself by including different factions; the Umbrella Security Service soldiers you’ll be playing as, The US Spec ops who are tasked with giving the USS a hard time, and the Umbrella corporation’s  "bio-organic weapon monsters.” The character you choose to play as will determine your role within the team. I can’t say I’m enthused about yet another action-packed zombie shooter, a genre that seems to have gotten rather stale. The only thing that’s keeping me interested in the game is it shares its setting and time-line with Resident Evil 2, one of my favourites in the series.

One thing that is certain though is that with this sort of departure from tradition for such a venerated series, fanboys are going to be pissed. Teaser trailer after the jump.

Last Updated: March 31, 2011

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