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The new Xbox may have original TV content

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The big thing in the world of TV entertainment at the moment is original shows per content platform; think House of Cards on Netflix or The Wild on DSTV along with Hulu which offers over 25 original series on their platform.

Now it looks like Xbox want to get in on this action with the latest rumour being that Microsoft is sourcing original content that will showcase only on the new Xbox to those with a Xbox Live subscription.

This really is how the world is moving and companies like HBO or DSTV should be worried. Right now I have a DSTV subscription that costs me in the region of R650 a month and a Netflix account that I pay R100 a month for… My family spends 90% of our TV time streaming Netflix to multiple devices and DSTV is now only used by me to watch mighty Liverpool take on the rest of the plebs in the Premier League.

That and the kids watch cartoons on it when both the wife and I are streaming shows from Netflix. But I am tempted to buy another Netflix subscription to get over that limit.

But back to the rumour, if it is true and Microsoft are targeting original content then this would be yet another way for them to take over the living room and with their built in Netflix app I would no longer need to swap between consoles… that is if they can get their Netflix app to work as well as the PS3’s.

So you tell me, are you ready for a full on streaming world when it comes to your TV entertainment? TV schedules be damned!

Last Updated: April 12, 2013

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