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The next big Playstation 3 game is…Sony Smash Bros

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If 2011 is the year of the sequel, then 2012 looks like it may just be the year of the original idea. With games such as Overstrike, Lollipop Chainsaw and Asura’s Wrath on the horizon, it looks like we’re in for some brand new thrills and entertainment.

Sony is busy prepping their next big title, and it seems that while it may not be the most original concept, what they have planned will incorporate all their familiar mascots and bran-exclusive gaming characters into one massive brouhaha of a fighting game.

Sony’s next big property will feature characters such as Nathan Drake, Kratos, Sly Cooper and Parappa, all battling each other on a 2D plane, with environments said to be varied and immersive, according to the Paul Gale Network.

Expect combat to take place in locales lifted straight from some iconic Sony games, with the battles designed to make use of similar mechanics as found in Super Smash Bros, but with some refinement and balancing to make the game stand out more from Sonys side.

While everything else about the upcoming title, from in house developer, to the actual name of the title and how far it is from completion are still under tight wraps, it looks like we might just have a fun new title to play with friends next year.

Last Updated: November 1, 2011

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