The next Burnout Paradise DLC is going to cost

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You knew it couldn’t last forever and it looks like we have reached the end of the road here. Criterion has so far been absolutely fantastic in regards to giving away free DLC for Burnout Paradise but they do have salaries to pay and would obviously like to recoup some of their development costs.

So the next pack of Burnout DLC entitled Big Surf will be charged for but according to CVG the update looks

“bloody brilliant” and “we wouldn’t mind handing over a few quid”

Spot the English journo… anyway by the look of it Big Surf is going to add an entirely new island to Paradise City.

There has been no news on the price yet but by the sound of it this is going to be a big expansion which I am guessing will be retailing for about 1200 points on the 360 system.

Source: CVG

Last Updated: December 2, 2008

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