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The next-gen engine behind The Division looks gorgeous

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No matter the age, there has always been an engine powering some of the greatest games of history. Quake III’s id Tech 3 gave us a Jedi Outcast and the best James Bond game ever Everything or Nothing. The Unreal Engine 3 has given the last generation perhaps too many steroids. And moving forward, the Snowdrop engine that is being used for The Division is setting a new benchmark.

Ubisoft first gave gamers a taste last year of the Snowdrop Engine when they sprung the surprise reveal of The Division at the the end of their E3 conference. A year later, and they’re offering another look at the engine which has been designed to be better, not just bigger.

It’s an all in one engine really, that forgoes the need to license other software like various other big budget games have had to do in the past. And it looks sumptuous. Snowdrop is also designed to be a more efficient piece of software that trims the fat of editing and creation, giving artists more time to really add extra flare to their creations.

If this is the engine that will power the majority of Ubisoft games for the near future, then I think we have a scalable winner on our hands here, that won’t look long in the tooth by the time sequel four or five rolls along.

And hell, maybe even a monkey like me can learn to use it, judging by the manner in which it has been designed.

Last Updated: June 4, 2014

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