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The next Ghostbusters game is a puzzle fighter

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Look at this Ghostbusters franchise! It’s a nimble little minx, isn’t it? You’ve got Ghostbusters Lego, Ghostbusters prop replicas, Ghostbusters underwear, Ghostbuster Vigo child care services! Cha-ching baby! Of course, that franchise has churned out plenty of video games. Some were downright awful (NES and SNES era) and some were just freakin’ awesome (Xbox 360 and PS3 Ghostbusters game, I loves ya). Ghostbusters is primarily a mobile game franchise these days, which explains the next game that’s on the way from Capcom.

Yes sir, it’s a Ghostbusters game, but one that is very, very much inspired by the likes of Bejewelled and Candy Crush. As usual, you’ll be building up a squad of paranormal investigators, levelling them up and catching ghosts. Here’s the official list of features, copied and pasted from the Facebook page:


  • Part puzzler, part card game, part RPG, “Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter” gives you the chance to fight it out as Ghostbusters or ghosts as you collect characters from the Ghostbusters universe, including Venkman, Stantz, Spengler, Zeddemore, Gozer, Zuul, Slimer, Melnitz, Tully and many, many more!
  • Follow the antics of the entire Ghostbusting team (including the original Ghostbusters, Ron Alexander’s Ghostsmashers, and even Janine’s own Ghostbusting crew!) as they go toe to toe with the forces of evil in Story Mode!
  • Face even greater challenges in the live online Events of Versus Mode!
  • Relive all your favorite moments from the original Ghostbusters movies. Deal with the likes of Gozer the Gozerian, Vigo the Carpathian, the irascible Scoleri Brothers and all your favorite ghosts, ghouls and demi-gods!

Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria! The game is out in June on iOS, so who ya gonna call? Probably someone else.

Last Updated: April 23, 2015

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