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The next Xbox is expected at E3 next year

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According to videogamer.com some senior sources at Crytek have confirmed that they are busy developing for the next Xbox which will be announced within the next 12 months.

Most probably at E3 next year.

The final specs for the next Xbox are still not finalised but Crytek is busy developing for it using DirectX 11 which uses Tesselation, multithreaded rendering and compute shaders which pretty much means nothing to me.

However these three features apparently give the graphics that extra kick and allow for more realism than ever before.

Crytek are also hoping their new CryEngine 3 rendering engine will become a big force in the next generation and they are currently developing TimeSplitters 4 using this technology and are planning on this being a possible next gen launch title and to then be used as the cornerstone for the next-gen development.

In related news Crytek are also going to be supporting the new Playstation format and Wii-U in a big way.

So if this is true then Microsoft are planning to beat Sony to market again with the next gen, that didn’t work out very well for Sony in the early years of this generation so I wonder if these rumours are going to make them speed up their internal development of the PS4?

Last Updated: June 15, 2011

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