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The NGP does awesome augmented reality

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My best experience with the 3DS so far as been the augmented reality capabilities of the device, being able to move around and shoot things in 3D with the 3DS was a great experience that I am hoping to relive tonight.

However it looks like the 3DS isn’t the only handheld gaming system that is going to be investing heavily in the augmented reality sector, check out these videos from GDC where they are demonstrating the NGP’s augmented reality ability.

Granted it’s pretty tough to see exactly what’s happening but if you concentrate on the NGP’s screen you can see the dinosaur from the picture on the floor materialise on screen and then he scans the entire thing by moving the NGP up and down…

Yeah it sounds weird so make sure you watch the video, here’s another one from a different angle.

Last Updated: March 3, 2011

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