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The NGP’s odd rear touchpanel in action

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One of the more seemingly bizarre features of Sony’s PSP successor, code-named NGP, is the rather odd touch panel on the back of the unit. You’ve probably heard of at least one use for it; in the NGP’s new Uncharted game, you’ll use the panel to shimmy up vines, which sounds terribly gimmicky but – according to those who’ve had hands on time with the game – isn’t.

In my head right now, the thought of rubbing my fingers up and down the back of the unit makes me feel dirty – but this demonstration of NGP title Little Deviants shows some rather interesting promise for that panel. In it, you can see how players able to manipulate the game world, almost as if their finger were pushing through the unit. Nifty!

Remember that dodgy “witch touching” game on the DS? How long until we have something similar for the NGP?

Video lovingly thiefed from Engadget

Last Updated: January 28, 2011

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