The Order: 1886 has a tiny day-one patch

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The Order has a tiny day-one patch

With this current-generation of consoles, I’ve become accustomed to large day-one patches already. It has become so ridiculous that it’s a joke to think that you’ll actually get to play a game on launch day – , with the majority of recent releases featuring massive, mandatory updates before you can even hit start. That’s not the case with The Order: 1886 though.

The Order: 1886 has been put through the ringer over the past few days regarding its length and value for money, but at least there are some silver linings to the PS4 exclusive. It’s out tomorrow, and it will feature a day-one patch like nearly every other game in recent memory. The patch, however, will only be 30MB large, making it an almost uneventful affair.

The update doesn’t fix anything is particular, featuring small bug fixes here and there. Does this mean The Order: 1886 is actually polished to a point where it doesn’t break on launch day? Possibly, with the small patch proving that Ready at Dawn is confident their game is ready for consumption. Of course it also comes without any online features – which more often than not are the reason for woefully launches and massive day-one patches.

Still, it’s refreshing to see a game that actually seems like it’s ready before being hastily rushed out the door. If you’re still caught up on the game’s length, at the very least you have one less thing to worry about when deciding on a purchase or not.

Will you be picking up The Order: 1886 tomorrow, or are you waiting for more reviews?

Last Updated: February 19, 2015

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